News: Nothing from the demolition of an illegal building on Pančićev vrh

The illegally built cafe on Pančićev vrh will not be demolished, but will probably be ready for the upcoming winter season, writes “Večernje novosti”.

These days, the masters have finished and concreted the terrace, which only “cemented” their own decision that there will be nothing from the demolition. According to the paper, the authorities did not stop them this time either.

The facility is still far from what there is a permit for, and that is a temporary ski buffet of 150 square meters. The owners of the restaurant on the top of one of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia, “upholstered” the building with wood, in order to look like a log cabin, but the foundations are deeply buried, and the cafe is built of siporex and concrete.

“For more than three years, the state has been fighting with investor Snezana Mitkovic over the disputed building. Decisions for demolition did not help much, because at one point the then Minister of Construction Zorana Mihajlovic and her colleague from the Ministry of the Interior Nebojsa Stefanovic argued over whether the inspection assistance during demolition or not “, reminded” Novosti “.

The demolition was never, however, officially carried out, except that the investor began to demolish it herself, more precisely to remodel the building. When it was “shortened” for the second floor and attic, the self-initiated demolition stopped.

The Ministry of Construction “Novosti” could not get an answer as to why the building was not demolished and whether it is the message of the state that illegal buildings can be built in the most normal way. In addition, on Kopaonik, not only the cafe on the top of Pančići is disputable, but also some thirty buildings, erected right next to the trail, because they exceed the dimensions of small and prefabricated “ski buffets”, for which there are permits.

The president of the Chamber of Construction, Goran Rodić, does not believe that the state is powerless to deal with illegal builders.

“Of course, the state has the power to solve that problem, but it seems that it simply will not,” said Rodic, adding that someone has the privilege of building in a strictly protected zone, and that is private investors.

A wildly built facility should not even exist, let alone consider whether it will get electricity. We must not work without paper. This endangers safety in the entire environment. When building wildly, gas installations and similar things are not taken into account. That must be sanctioned. He should not even start the works, and not bring them to an end.

It is not clear to the experts who deal with construction how this restaurant will be able to work, more precisely who will give them electricity and water. Will they “legally” introduce it or will they use the generator, as during the summer of 2018, while it was “waiting” for demolition.

Precisely because of the illegal supply of electricity during the construction of this facility, the general director of “Ski Resorts of Serbia”, Dejan Ćika, received a criminal report from the Ministry of Construction. The controversial former president of the municipality of Brus, Milutin Jelicic Jutka, also received a report for abuse of office, “Novosti” stated.

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