Christmas shopping will return to pre.Covid levels

“Shopping for Christmas gifts this year it should return to at least the same threshold recorded in 2019, when it touched 9 billion euros. “This is the estimate of the CGIA Studies Office.

“Nothing to do, however – underlines the CGIA – with how much we spent before the 2008-2009 crisis, when the Italians for Christmas gifts in December they were shopping for almost 20 billion euros. The contraction recorded in recent years is also partly attributable to the fact that many Italians anticipate the purchase of gifts in November, taking advantage of the ‘black friday’ “.

With fewer purchases, however, neighborhood shops paid the bill, while outlets and large-scale distribution managed to cushion the blow. We hope that also thanks to the thirteenth, in this last month of the year we will go back to spending intelligently, thus giving breath to domestic demand which, although growing, is still weak “.

Most popular regal animal genres

For the artisans’ association, “basically again this year food should be confirmed as the most popular type of Christmas gift: toys, technology products, books, clothing / shoes and personal care items follow.

Among the products that risk not recovering what was lost compared to the pre-Covid period, due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, stand out tickets for shows, concerts and travels. On the other hand, there is no doubt that so-called ‘digital’ gifts, which can be purchased without having to go to physical stores, will further increase. In particular, subscriptions to streaming platforms and gift vouchers to buy online “.

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