Erste Bank in Serbia announced that gender equality is one of the main pillars of its business and that it strives to support women whose vision and persistence have paved the way to a world of equal opportunities over the years.

“Next year, the Erste Group, in which more than 40 percent of management positions are held by women, will pay special attention to further affirmation of women’s potential through a career development plan to the highest positions,” the statement said.

It is added that the Erste Group is among 380 companies from 11 sectors from 44 countries and regions around the world that are included in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index (GEI) for 2021.

In 2020, Erste Bank in Serbia, as stated, out of 1,212 employees were 26 percent men and 74 percent women, and in the Executive Board of the bank, which has four members, women are also equally represented, with two positions.

Under the slogan “Believe in yourself”, that bank supports and presents to the public successful women, “heroines of our time whose commitment to their professions inspires and motivates”.

“With dedicated work, and most of all perseverance, a young scientist from the Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad, Dr. Aleksandra Cvetanovic, whose research work is recognized around the world, Marina Gunjaci, horse trainer and coordinator in the film and television industry and Andrea Lukaci Pap, the only woman officially engaged. blacksmithing and locksmithing, they became what they dreamed of and because of that they deserved a special place in the eyes of the domestic, but also the world community “, it is stated in the announcement.

It is added that their passion and enthusiasm have incredible power to inspire new generations of young people and therefore Erste Bank decided to tell their stories not only through a TV spot, but also through three separate documentaries ( and to thus supporting the path of further success.

“With this series, we want to present stories that are an inspiration for a society of diversity, but at the same time a society of equality. Although we have focused on three exceptional women, in this way we continue to support all those who believe in themselves regardless of gender. year, status, education “, said the member of the Executive Board of Erste Bank Jasna Terzić.

According to Terzic, Erste Bank, through three female characters, wanted to break down prejudices about the division into men’s and women’s jobs and pay tribute to all those who are changing the established worldview. According to Terzic, the bank believes that the future belongs to those they change the present and want to show how important it is to be, not only a part of the community in which it operates, but also to actively participate in its advancement, care for society as a whole and respond to the challenges it faces.

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