A lockdown at Christmas would produce an economic damage of 10 billion

Travel limits linked to Covid and new restrictions during Christmas would have an impact on the Italian economy for over 10 billion euros, with heavy consequences for trade and thousands of businesses and enormous damage to the entire tourism sector. Assoutenti affirms this, proposing “the launch of an operational alliance between consumers, industry, businesses, trade unions and the third sector” to create “a common front” aimed at avoiding new closures and asking the Government to take urgent measures to protect families, individuals fragile, elderly but also companies and industries, starting with the vaccination obligation.

“Today we ask for an urgent meeting from Confindustria, Confcommercio, Confesercenti, Cgil, Cisl, Uil, consumer associations and the Third Sector aimed at addressing the escalation of Covid infections registered in our country and studying all the measures to be taken to avoid restrictions, limits and closures during the upcoming holidays, which would cause damage for over 10 billion euros to the Italian economy “, explains President Furio Truzzi.

We believe – he adds – the introduction of the vaccination obligation for all citizens can no longer be postponed by the Government, a measure on which also trade unions and companies finally converge with greater decision. To arrive at a national law that imposes compulsory anti-Covid vaccination, a law for which Italy could lead the way in Europe, it is necessary, however, to create a common front that involves all the parties involved, from Confindustria to the third sector, and for this reason we believe it is essential to start an operational alliance between all the interested parties “.

Just to ask the government for a national law on vaccination obligation, Assoutenti has started an online petition. “If Italy does not want to end up like Austria or worse than other countries and if you want to save the national economy while protecting public health, the only way to go is that of compulsory vaccination, and the government must keep account of the requests from trade unions, businesses and consumers by taking action in this direction without wasting any more time “, concludes Truzzi.

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