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European Stock Exchange Week opened with slight gains in stock indices. This is despite the continued spread of another wave of corona plague on the continent.

Trading in futures contracts on U.S. stock indices is up slightly.


The Asian stock markets have a mixed trend at the opening of World Trading Week (which will be shortened – on Thursday there is no trading on Wall Street for Thanksgiving and on Friday trading will end at 20:00 Israel time).

Trading in futures contracts on U.S. stock indices is up slightly.

In the commodity trading segment, oil contracts are now trading down slightly, following sharp declines on Friday.

In the crypto segment, Bitcoin continues to lose ground and is currently trading down 3.6% around $ 57,300 and Ether is down 4.7% and trading around $ 4,160.

Alex Zabrzynski, chief economist at Meitav Dash, notes in a review he published that “U.S. economic data reflects an acceleration in growth in the fourth quarter. The leading indicator index rises at a high rate in October. Retail sales continue to reflect strong demand for products, although it is not clear what effect price increases have had on the various indicators showing that pressure to increase prices in the US economy continues to increase. In last November’s Fed branch surveys, the component that reflects the price level continued to rise. At the same time, the components that reflect delivery times are also at very high levels, which indicates continued problems in the supply chain. At the same time, the strong rise in the industrial production index in October may signal an increase in supply and expected easing of disruptions. “

“In the United States, too, there has been an increase in the number of patients in many countries. Unlike in Europe, the experience of the impact of the epidemic on the stock market in the past year clearly illustrates that there are only two sectors whose performance relative to the general stock index has been clearly affected by a number of patients. The technology sector stood out in times of rising morbidity versus inferior energy stock performance. ”

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