Krkobabic: A new impetus for the growth and development of 57 cooperatives in Serbia

NToday, 57 agricultural cooperatives in Serbia received this impulse for growth, development and improvement of business, by awarding grants, he said today. Minister of Village Care Milan Krkobabic.

After signing the contract with the cooperatives, he said that it would be a new impetus for economic development for their local self-government units. “We are grateful to the Ministry for the funds we have our own production, we are developing cooperation with other producers and this type of support means that we would raise our business to a higher level, enter new markets and achieve the best possible price,” said Darko Gavrilovic, director of ZZ. Zrenjanin “from Zrenjanin, which received 13 million dinars for the purchase of modern equipment and machinery, while the cooperative will finance the construction of a warehouse with its own funds, and plans to hire new workers.

Today, 57 cooperatives from southern, central, eastern and western Serbia, as well as the autonomous provinces of Vojvodina and Kosovo, signed for grants for business improvement.

Today, as in the previous four years, the mayors or presidents of the municipalities signed their contracts, thus giving the support of the local self-government units to the realization of that program of national importance in the territories of their municipalities.

“This is a big day for the municipality of Medvedja. The young cooperative ‘Retkocerski med’ from our municipality consists of six young people, four of whom are women, engaged in honey production and with this investment of almost seven million dinars they will be able to market their product and bring a lot to our municipality “, said the president of the municipality of Medvedja, Nebojsa Arsic.

He expressed gratitude to the Ministry for the care of the village because the municipality of Medvedja, applying for the programs of this Ministry, received non-refundable funds for the purchase of a village house with a garden and money for the organization of the event “Miholjski susreti sela”. in the villages of this municipality which is on the administrative line with Kosovo.

MP Milija Miletic also gave his support to the cooperatives of southeastern Serbia, praising the work of Minister Milan Krkobabic and the Ministry of Village Care, “which, through very successful programs, makes a significant contribution to the survival of Serbian villages.”

Miletic pointed out that this year about 20 cooperatives from southeastern Serbia received funds, six of which were from the Nisava district, and that this was a significant economic contribution to the associated producers of that part of Serbia.

The commission is headed by prof. On November 1, Zorica Vasiljevic approved 57 requests for non-refundable funds intended for the improvement of the operations of 18 old cooperatives, for which up to 15 million dinars per cooperative and 39 new cooperatives, which were awarded up to 7.5 million dinars.

In the coming months, 15 farmers, 21 fruit growers, six cattle breeders and four vegetable, vineyard and beekeeping companies, one cooperative engaged in the production of medicinal plants will improve their business, and this year, for the first time, one tourist and one social cooperative received funds.

Two cooperatives from the extreme south of Serbia, from Bujanovac, received grants, as well as two field cooperatives from Kosovo, one from the village of Stanisor, and the other from Laplje Selo.

According to the Government Decree, RSD 500 million has been allocated this year for the Cooperative Development Support Program by allocating grants for business improvement and technological development of cooperatives, which makes a total of almost 2.2 billion dinars invested in cooperatives in Serbia since 2017, thanks to the “500 cooperative in 500 villages “created in cooperation with Minister Milan Krkobabić and the Academic Board for the village headed by academician Dragan Škorić.

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