Nikezic (SAA): Inflation will eat the announced growth of salaries and pensions in 2022

Today, the President of the Department of Economy and Finance of the Party of Freedom and Justice (SAA), Dusan Nikezic, called on the Minister of Finance, Sinisa Mali, to inform the citizens that “inflation will eat the announced growth of salaries and pensions in 2022.”

Nikezic stated in a statement that inflation in the same way “made meaningless” the nominal growth of salaries and pensions this year as well.

“In such increasingly difficult living conditions, you have proposed a budget that reduces support for the domestic economy by 400 million euros, as if the effects of the covidity have disappeared, while you have further increased subsidies to foreign investors, from 112 to 170 million euros. with that money, you could help 1,700 domestic businessmen with 100,000 euros, which would hire new workers, hire our resources and increase domestic investments, “Nikezic said.

According to him, while saving on people and the economy, “billions are thrown away for unnecessary or overestimated projects”.

“Projects such as 120 million euros for software and IT equipment, 100 million euros for accompanying borrowing costs, 87 million for the railway from Szeged to Baja, 420 million euros for stadiums, 15 million euros for the construction of a training center for ship crew members,” he said. Nikezic.

According to Nikezic, public procurements of goods and services for the state apparatus are 850 million higher than in 2012, with the assessment that “from that money, the salaries of doctors could be increased to 1,000 euros, teachers and educators to 700, and nurses at 600 euros.

“(You could) increase subsidies to farmers to 12,000 dinars per hectare and provide assistance of 100 euros per month for 250,000 people over the age of 65 who have no income,” Nikezic said.

He pointed out that social benefits were reduced “both nominally and realistically”.

“It is clear that such a budget will further worsen life in Serbia, and that is why I am convinced that this is the last budget you are proposing,” Nikezic said.

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