The Chamber of Commerce of Serbia (SCC) reminded today that interested employers, who want to join the model of dual education for the next school year, can submit applications by November 30 at the latest.

Employers can apply through the specialized web portal PKS where they create a company profile and in a simple way, in three steps, apply for inclusion in the model of dual education.

From the next, school 2022/2023. In the offer for realization according to the dual model, there will be nine new educational profiles: electrical telecommunications technician, agricultural machinery operator, culinary technician, hotel-restaurant technician, tourist technician, plumber, industrial robotics technician, haberdasher and manufacturer of chemical products. is in the statement.

As specified, when applying, employers submit a Statement of readiness for inclusion in dual education and an application for accreditation.

Accompanying documentation for accreditation can be submitted by employers no later than December 15, electronically to the e-mail: [email protected] or to the address of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Resavska 13-15, Belgrade.

All applications that contain complete documentation will be integrated into the Economic Needs Plan, which the SCC officially submits to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.

The final decision on the enrollment structure and approved dual profiles will be made by the line ministry by announcing a competition for enrolling students in high schools, which is expected at the end of March next year.


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