Apple is trying to reassure employees: You have the right to talk about wages and conditions

Against the background of recent allegations against the technology giant, from sexual harassment to wage disparities, the company’s management said in an internal statement to employees that they have the right to discuss their wages and flood their concerns on the issue in public.

After months of complaints from employees at one of the largest technology companies in the world, Apple has announced that employees are entitled to discuss their working conditions and wages. This is according to a report on NBC.

The internal message sent to the company’s employees comes amid recent allegations made by some of the employees, who have banded together under the hashtag #AppleToo, claiming that although the company prides itself on giving equal pay to all its employees, it silences attempts by employees to clarify this claim.

Now, according to the internal memo sent to employees, Apple management says employees have the right to discuss their salaries and flood their thoughts and concerns on the subject in public – a significant change for the technology giant known for its secret conduct regarding terms of employment. The announcement was posted on Apple’s internal website, to which the company’s 80,000 employees have access.

“Our policy does not restrict employees from speaking freely about their wages, working hours or working conditions,” the statement said. “We encourage every employee to talk about their concerns in a way that makes them feel comfortable, whether inside or outside the company, including through his or her personal manager or any manager in the company.”

The company’s announcement is in fact reminiscent of the right given to any private sector employee in the US under the law, to band together and discuss his working hours and the salary he receives. Shares.So the company claimed that this is its business policy and therefore there is no need to clarify this.

Because of this, the current announcement is a victory for the workers who led the company’s internal “rebellion,” as did Scarlett, an Apple software engineer who accused the company of limiting workers ’ability to discuss wage and work conditions by disabling unofficial wage surveys.

Since August, eight indictments have been filed against Apple for unfair work practices on various issues, from sexual harassment to pay gaps. One of those charges has been dismissed, and now the U.S. Labor Law Enforcement Agency is investigating the remaining seven charges.

“It’s a win for the employees because it shows that Apple knows it would have lost if it had come to trial,” said Vienna Doble, a professor at the University of California Hastings College of Law. “But at the same time it also highlights the extent to which the law does not deter employers from acting unfairly towards employees, and the extent to which employees are powerless vis-à-vis management when their rights are violated.”

In recent months, Apple employees have protested against the company’s lack of transparency regarding the level of employees’ salaries. This is in the shadow of Apple’s statement regarding its policy, which states that “globally, employees of all genders earn the same when they are employed in a similar position with similar experience and performance.” Despite this, employees who conducted unofficial wage surveys found wage gaps, and asked Apple to investigate them in depth. They claim the company ignored them and did not do so.

Meanwhile, the company also closed three wage surveys conducted by employees, noting rules against the collection of personally identifiable information and “hosting” surveys in the company’s organizational account.

In September, Scarlett filed an indictment against the company, alleging it was retaliating against employees who participated in wage discussions. It recently reached an agreement with Apple and asked to have its charge dropped. “A minister and other brave workers have helped bring awareness to pay equality and transparency issues at Apple,” said her lawyer, Alexander L. Palestinian. “As a result, talks and discussions about wages and working conditions are taking place today, which has not happened before, and we hope this will continue.”

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