STOCK EXCHANGE: Helsinki closed in a gentle decline on Tuesday

In the most traded stocks Nokia fell 1.3 percent to 4.24 euros, while Nordea rose 0.4 percent to 10.73 euros. Sampo rose 0.3 percent to 48.93 euros.

The heaviest risers were on Tuesday Herantis Pharma (+8,3 %), Saga Furs (+7.5%) and Sotkamo Silver (+6.1%). On the other hand, Laskukarje had announced the FDA approval on Monday Modulight (-4,7 %), Nurminen Logistics (-3.9%) and Enersense (-3,9 %).

Enersense (-3.9%) said on Tuesday that it had signed an agreement with the Swedish metal industry company Boliden for the extensive development project of the Odda production facility in Norway. The company did not disclose the value of the contract in the release.

Fish farming company Fifax (-1.1%) announced in the morning that the company had completed the renovation work on its farm following the IHN virus that was revealed in the summer. The company says that it will start hatching roe eggs by April, but Inderes (-0.2%) estimates that the continuation of educational activities on a larger scale requires additional funding.

HVAC company Uponor announced that its nomination committee will propose to the general meeting that the current members of the board Johan Falk, Markus Langauer, Michael Marchi, Annika Paasikivi and Susanne Skippari are elected for a new term of office, and new members of the board are elected Hans Sohlström and Katja Keitaanniemi.

The nomination committee of discount company Tokmanni, on the other hand, proposed that the company’s board members be re-elected Therese Cedercreutz, Erkki J√§rvinen, Ulla Lettijeff, Seppo Saastamoinen and Harri Sivula. In addition, the nomination committee proposes that a new member be elected to the board Mikko Bergman. Current board member Juha Flowers has announced that he is no longer available as a member of the board.

Several changes to investment recommendations and target prices

On Tuesday, a lot of changes were made to investment recommendations and target prices.

Carnegie raised Sitowisen (+0.6%) target price to EUR 4.50 from EUR 4.00, but the hold recommendation remained unchanged.

Carnegie also raised Etteplan (+1.3%) target price to EUR 17.00 from the previous EUR 16.00. The Buy recommendation remained unchanged.

Elisa’s (+0.0%) the target price for Carnegie rose to 42.00 euros from the previous 41.00 euros. The sell recommendation remained.

Carnegie properties of Noho Partners (+1.2%) for the target price by EUR 0.50 to EUR 9.60. The Buy recommendation remained.

Nordea (+0.4%), on the other hand, decreased I blacked out (-0.3%) target price to EUR 20.00 from EUR 20.60, but the buy recommendation was kept unchanged.

SEB shot Purmon (+0.0%) target price by EUR 0.10 to EUR 8.50. The hold recommendation remained.

Citi, on the other hand, raised Sammon (+0.3%) target price to 47.50 euros from 46.20 euros. The Hold recommendation remained unchanged.

OP laski WithSecure (+2.0%) target price by EUR 0.10 to EUR 3.70. However, the Buy recommendation remained.

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