Gazprombank stops cross-border transfers in dollars

Gazprombank asked customers not to use its accounts for cross-border transfers in US dollars, starting from January 27, inclusive, the press service of the credit institution reports.

As emphasized in the message, “due to the unilateral decisions of American financial institutions”, Gazprombank’s correspondent accounts in US dollars with JPMorgan Chase Bank and Bank of New York Mellon will be terminated.

According to the press service, Gazprombank will continue servicing deposits and accounts in US dollars, as well as cross-border transfers in other currencies. In other words, customers will not be able to only transfer US dollars, but there is no question of freezing accounts, prohibiting the withdrawal of currency or its storage on accounts.

“All obligations to customers are fulfilled in full in all currencies, individuals and legal entities have continuous access to their funds and services,” the press service added.

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