Internet giant Facebook has announced a number of innovations in the field of shopping and commerce- Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg posted a post with the new details, and later posted a blog on behalf of the company with more details-

Among the new changes is also the stores feature that comes to WhatsApp- Businesses in some countries will be able to display their menu on WhatsApp, instead of having a relationship with customers just by using standard messages from a business account- Businesses from the United States will be able to sell products in the Marketplace (the company’s shopping complex)-

In addition, the company will explore the possibility that on Instagram businesses will be able to show buyers advertisements with specific products that may interest them according to consumer behavior- The company will characterize the needs of the surfers according to their behavior on the social network and in the stores, and will try to tailor specific products to them- Such a move, in fact, would increase the likelihood that the consumer would make a purchase-

The company has also announced that it will make information about products accessible so that people can make purchases more intelligently, such as the option to rate products- Posting product reviews will also expand to Instagram-

Alongside all this, Facebook reports that it is investing in the development of artificial intelligence technologies that will enable visual search- Users will be able to locate similar items by uploading an image, thus reaching similar products-

The company’s blog even mentioned again that in order to continue to support small businesses recovering from the economic hit due to the krona, Facebook will not charge commissions to sellers until June 2022-

According to the company, the Israeli team at Facebook’s research and development center in Tel Aviv “has a central and important role in the development of shopping products – the center develops artificial intelligence-based commerce products that enable advanced user experience, and is responsible for developing the algorithm that recommends customers additional products they may like-“

The innovations in question will be phased in, and although the Israeli team contributes a lot to the field, it is still unclear if and when the features themselves will arrive in Israel-

According to the social network, more than 300 million people visit stores on Facebook’s arenas every month, and more than 1-2 million stores operate on Facebook and Instagram-

According to surveys conducted by the company, “one in three consumers plans to spend less time in stores even after the plague, and nearly three-quarters of consumers say they get inspiration and ideas for potential shopping through Facebook platforms-“

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