Flexibility is the real dream of workers

Flexible work exceeded salary as the main benefit perceived by employees (59%).

Flexibility and autonomy in the working day are considered the most important parameters for most workers. Although there are significant differences in the perception (and then in the practical application) of the hybrid work between those who represent the highest level of managerial responsibility and other employees.

This is what emerges from the Jabra Hybrid Ways of Working 2021 report, an analysis conducted on a sample of 5,000 professional-employees from around the world.

Most employees would indeed like managers of their own company allowed team members to set their own schedule (65%), instead of keeping a standard working one from 9 to 17 (35%).

A similar percentage would prefer the management allowed team members to come to the office when needed, and to work from home when they need it (61%), rather than having predetermined days “in the office” and “at home” each week (39%).

The analysis of employees and managers

The Jabra study highlighted that when it comes to hybrid work, there is another gap between managers and employees.

“Normal” workers are 11% more likely than managers to say that their companies were not at all prepared for the transition to hybrid. Only 53% of employees think the company is ready for hybrid work, compared to 74% of higher-profile managers.

Technology and talent

In this context, the report highlighted how technology is crucial for attracting and retaining talent in the company, more important than having offices in privileged positions. In a future scenario, beyond the hybrid work model, where employees are given the choice between working from home or in the office, 75% want to be able to be active from anywhere.

What about the talents on the job market? More than eight out of ten employees (84%) agree that “technology can help all employees have equal access to opportunities at work”, and the same percentage would prefer to work for a company that invests in technology to connect. better professional resources in a hybrid future (80%).

Who and why you want to go back to the office

Yeah, but there are also those workers who would like a return to traditional methods. Mostly those who want to go back to the office do so because they are attracted by the guaranteed connectivity and the tools available to do the job.

Employees are more likely to request multiple days of presence in the office (3 or more per week) especially if their company has not implemented good practices for transitioning to remote work during the pandemic.

Too much confusion about hybrid work

Three out of four employees are concerned about hybrid work, largely due to how the topic was communicated, and only 20% think the company is well prepared for remote operation. More than half (52%) also admitted that they would prefer to work from home but fear that their career will suffer in the long term.

Recommendations to leaders

Not just an analysis. Jabra’s report ultimately summed up with five recommendations aimed at companies. Rather than mandating return to office, businesses should consider letting employees work from anywhere, providing them with the technology to achieve this.

With 75% of workers wanting to work from anywhere in the future valuing flexibility over pay, it might be wise to rethink benefit structures to stay competitive and continue to attract the best talent.

Corporate leadership should consider the types of tasks and reasons why he wants employees to be in the office. They should, at that point, make sure that the environment is adapted to meet these needs.

Companies that invest in the right formats to bring people together, and in the technology to keep them connected from anywhere, will benefit more than those that invest primarily in traditional physical assets. Finally, leaders should lead by example to show hybrid work best practices. They need to show teams that whatever way they choose to work, it won’t put them at a disadvantage.

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