The Central Bank attracted a record amount of liquidity from banks

An unusually large excess of liquidity has formed in the banking sector, which the Central Bank is trying to absorb: on January 25, banks placed 4.47 trillion rubles. in the form of deposits for a week at 7.46% per annum. This is a record volume of funds attracted by the Central Bank from banks at one auction for the entire period of keeping statistics since 2002.

Banks have been placing huge amounts of funds on deposits with the Central Bank since the beginning of the year. At the December weekly auctions, banks brought 2.5–3 trillion rubles to the Central Bank. But already on January 9 and 10, the regulator attracted 7 trillion rubles. – 0.9 trillion each and 2.3 trillion at one-day auctions and 3.8 trillion rubles. on a weekly basis. A week later, banks brought 5.2 trillion rubles to the Central Bank. (1.3 trillion per day and 3.9 trillion per week). Such a high excess of liquidity for such a long time the banks did not have for all the time of keeping the statistics of the Central Bank.

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