The global LG Electronics company announces the appointment of a new CEO for the company. The company’s VP of Strategy, William Cho ho), Will be appointed to the position of CEO of LG, in addition to his existing position, from 1 December.

Chu replaces the current CEO, Kwon Bong-suk, who took office in March 2020. Now, Bong-suk has been appointed Chief Operating Officer of LG Corp., the senior executive who led LG’s exit from the smartphone market last July.

Incoming CEO Cho was responsible for setting up LG’s start-up incubator at the company and was responsible for internal ventures related to new business opportunities. In addition, Cho was responsible for several of the company’s collaborations with leading start-ups as part of his role. As President of LG in North America, Chu joined the company in 1987.

According to LG, not only has Chu previously, but there are a number of other appointments in the leadership: Dr. Kim Byung-hoon, currently head of the company’s future technology center, will be promoted to senior vice president and appointed CTO of the company. . In addition, Zhang Ik Huan becomes Senior Vice President of EVP, Deputy CEO, and Appointed Director of the Company’s Business Solutions Division. Entry into force from the beginning of December.

In the now reported moves, virtually every business unit in the company will be given greater responsibility, with the new management looking to focus on “growing the company by focusing on customer values. LG will reorganize the customer satisfaction department into the customer value news department,” the statement said. The department is supposed to identify and assimilate in all processes the feedback from customers and what bothers them in the company’s products.

In addition, the company will upgrade its Mergers and Acquisitions department to the division, thus receiving additional resource allocation. The Life Soft Research department will be promoted to a laboratory level, which will have a greater impact on the department under the management of LG.

Moreover, the company places emphasis on accelerating the digital transformation in the customer experience, and it is upgrading the AI ​​Big Data department to a division level, which will be under the responsibility of the company’s VP of Information (CDO), Chris Hong. .

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