The independent union of the Kragujevac factory Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) expects that specific “good news” about that factory, announced by the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, will be announced by the New Year.

“The president was maximally enigmatic. Which is to say, he unpacked the New Year’s gift, but did not open it. We hope that Santa Claus will tell us what is in it by the New Year or Christmas,” said Beti, president of the FCA Independent Trade Union Sasa Djordjevic.

He stated that the workers are waiting for news about the beginning of the production of the new model, higher employment and new employment, and thus an increase in salaries.

This year’s production of “500L” vehicles has been completed at the FCA in Kragujevac.

The last working day for production workers was Monday, November 22, and he will return to work on January 13 next year.

The union said FCA employees would first use paid leave days, then six days of collective vacation and holidays, to end the break with paid leave.

According to Djordjevic, the number of working days this year was approximately at the level of last year, and a total of up to 400 vehicles came off the production lines in two shifts, ie up to 200 per shift.

He said that the officials of the FCA company in Kragujevac, as before, do not announce publicly the number of working days or the number of produced vehicles per year.

During this year, FCA workers in Kragujevac were offered to volunteer for a one-year job at a Slovak car factory, so a dozen workers went to Slovakia in late April.

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