Raspberry producers were annoyed by the first purchase prices of that fruit because they differ drastically, in the Macva-Kolubara region the purchase started at prices from 350 to 380 dinars per kilogram, while in the Ivanjica-Arilje area 200 to 250 dinars per kilogram are offered for that fruit- –

The president of the Association of Raspberry and Blackberry Producers, Dobrivoje Radović, said for Beta that it is incomprehensible that there is such a difference in price and that it will be 100-130 dinars lower in the raspberry region-

“Raspberries will be half less this year due to bad weather and the purchase price should not be lower than 320 dinars,” said Radović-

He added that raspberries should not be cheaper due to increased costs and higher prices of all products, from consumer goods to those for special purposes, including agriculture-

He said that raspberry growers will not allow themselves to be “robbed” by buyers who claim that they cannot pay for raspberries, and “they get money from somewhere because they are building luxury business premises and have a vehicle fleet like millionaires”-

“They are constantly blackmailing us and claiming that they have no income from the export of raspberries, and last year they bought it for 200 dinars and sold it for 400 dinars,” said Radović-

The owner of the company “Zadrugar” from Ljubovija, which has a refrigerator and buys raspberries, said that the purchase prices on the raspberry market have not stabilized yet-

“I expect that more permanent purchase prices of raspberries will be formed in five or six days when the harvest begins in the hilly and mountainous area- These days the harvest has begun in the plains of Serbia, Macva and Ljubovija, and since these are the first defenses of raspberries, buyers and that is why they offer higher prices than in the Arilje area “, said Milutinović-

He said that some companies remained obliged to deliver the agreed quantity last year, so they hurried to buy and therefore offer higher prices for the first raspberry defenses in the Macvan area, while advance prices were announced in the Arilje area- This means that when prices stabilize in the market, and are higher than these advance producers, the difference will be paid extra-

“In a few days we will see what the offer is and how much it costs and how much it can be paid- It is best for producers to have a stable price, without these oscillations- It is not disputed that they have costs and that no price is high enough to harvest on such temperatures, but on the other hand, prices are regulated by the market of supply and demand “, said Milutinović-

He added that about 70% of raspberries from Serbia are exported to European countries, mostly to Germany, but that a certain amount is also sold on the American market-

According to him, the first-class “roland” raspberry, produced in Serbia, is of better quality than the fruit produced by Poland, which is among the world’s largest producers of raspberries-

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