The portfolio manager advises how stock market investors can catch up with the wind power boom

This week, the market council will discuss the price of electricity and wind power.

For example, in Finland, wind power production grew by more than 40 percent last year, according to the statistics of Energiateollisuus ry.

Energiateollisuus ry’s energy market director Pekka Salomaa states in the Markkinaraati broadcast that Finland has a good grid and geographically many good opportunities to produce wind power.

“Then, in general, there is still money in the world that is looking for an investment target”, Salomaa reflects.

“Onshore wind power is the cheapest electricity generation in Finland when new capacity is built. If electricity is needed, then yes, it’s worth putting the money into onshore wind power. The costs of offshore wind power are also falling rapidly,” continues the CEO of the Finnish Wind Energy Association Anni Mikkonen.

Stock market investors also have plenty of options if investing in wind power is of interest. However, then you have to watch Actian portfolio manager Juuso Kenkkilän including outside of Finland.

“Many people probably don’t know that there are already renewable energy companies of the size that are starting to exist Shell’s this Total size in terms of market value. NextEra Energyn the market value is 150 billion and its production is renewable,” says Kenkkilä.

In the broadcast, Kenkkilä lists several other companies through which the energy revolution could be caught through the stock exchange. Such are, for example, the Danes Ørsted and Vestas and Irish Greencoat Renewables.

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