– In the week of Black Friday there are 27 million Italians who are preparing to shop, with a growth of 8% compared to last year, and more and more, underline the associations, the appointment is used, together with Cyber ​​Monday, to anticipate Christmas gifts.

About 1.7 billion will be spent and as always to make the lion’s share is the web. Top electronic products, but interest in the fashion and clothing sector is also growing. According to a survey carried out by Confcommercio-Imprese per l’Italia in collaboration with Format Research, one in two Italians, 53.1%, will buy Christmas gifts by taking advantage of the discount campaigns on the following Friday and Monday. On the other hand, 34.9% still declare themselves undecided and 12% will not buy gifts.

There are more women than men, aged between 18 and 34, more concentrated in the Center and North East of Italy, buyers most fond of pre-Christmas deals. 71.7% of those who buy Christmas gifts during these times will shop online.

However, the hard core that continues to shop in the traditional way remains: 23.5% in proximity points of sale, 40.6% in stores inside shopping centers and 23.3% in organized distribution chains. The most popular purchases range from consumer electronics to clothing, from jewelry to toys, from body care to household items, from books to food and wine.

For a survey conducted by Swg for Confesercenti on a double sample of consumers and business entrepreneurs purchases are on the rise and one in three Italians is ready to seize the opportunity of the day of super discounts, for an average expenditure of 144 euros each and over 1.7 billion in total. Not only on the Internet, but also on the street: in fact, there will be about 100 thousand ‘real’ shops that will adhere to Black Friday with average discounts starting from 30%. And, in two out of three cases, the offers will last all weekend. According to the study, the expected turnover for the occasion translates into a substantial portion of consumption: 1.7 billion euros that will be ‘divided’ between online businesses and street shops.

To these must be added others 500 million of expenditure already carried out by 17% of Italians who have purchased on the occasion of the numerous promotional campaigns ‘pre-promotions’ linked to black friday, conducted by large e-commerce platforms and large multi-channel retail chains – especially electronics – starting from October.

What buyers will focus on

Who will buy during Black Friday again this year it will mainly look for technological products, indicated by 45%, and fashion, with 44% looking for clothing, footwear and accessories. A huge leap compared to the pre-pandemic period, when 26% were interested in buying fashion products.

Appliances are also growing (29%, compared to 25% last year), while trips fall from 10% to 8%. On the other hand, furniture and household products remained stable (15%). But everything is sought, with 17% indicating other types of goods and services, from food and wine products to cosmetics. Many will look for gifts for the holidays: 54% of consumers will use the opportunity to make at least one gift to put under the tree.

The Codacons speculates an expenditure on the web alone of about two billion. “At the moment 27 million compatriots are determined to take advantage of the promotions linked to Black Friday to buy products for themselves or for the home and anticipate Christmas gifts – explains the president, Carlo Rienzi – there is also a large slice of consumers” undecided ”, Which will evaluate purchases on the basis of offers and discounts offered online and in stores, and which will decide at the last minute if and how to shop. Many will take advantage of Black Friday to buy Christmas gifts. 39% of the gifts that will be exchanged in Italy during the upcoming holidays will be purchased during the discount week “.

The main part of the purchases, he points out, it will happen through e-commerce, with the web that will centralize 61% of purchases for a value of between 1.8 and 2 billion euros. At the top of the ranking of the most popular products during Black Friday once again electronics and hi-tech, a sector where about 60% of consumers intend to make at least one purchase – analyzes Codacons – Interest is growing for the clothing, footwear and accessories sector, which will involve 50% of citizens who will take advantage of the discounts, and the health and beauty products sector (20%).

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