– “The economic results that we can observe now are eloquent. Italy has overcome the pandemic well, yet it was a country very affected with a contraction of 9%, today the economy is growing by 6%. There is talk of a 6.5-6.6%. It is a very strong response to the crisis “.

This was stated by the president of the ECB Christine Lagarde, speaking at “Che tempo che fa”. As for the S&P move that raised the outlook, Lagarde commented: “The reforms that have been decided and that will then need to be applied are such as to convince the rating agencies that Italy has taken the right path”.

According to Lagarde, the Eurozone is now better equipped to deal with the economic impact of a new wave or the Omicron variant.

“There is an obvious concern about the economic recovery in 2022, but I think we have learned a lot. We now know our enemy and the steps to take. We are all better equipped to respond to the risk of a fifth wave or the Omicron variant.” .

“The crisis has taught us that this virus knows no borders. Therefore we will not be protected until we are all vaccinated,” he concluded.

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