The Minister for European Integration of Serbia, Jadranka Joksimović, stated today that European integration is not only the rule of law and political criteria, but also what is realized within the EU PRO program, ie “what brings benefits to citizens in every part of Serbia, such as achieving equal territorial development and reduction of internal migration “.

At the conference on the occasion of presenting the results and opening the virtual fair of the EU PRO development program “Keeping up with Europe”, the Minister said that this is one of the important projects that shows the synergy of goals and good results of the Government of Serbia and the EU.

According to her, with the help of this program, the business environment in local self-governments has been improved, but innovations, entrepreneurship and self-employment have also been encouraged.

“All actors at the local level, the business sector, women’s entrepreneurship, more vulnerable groups in terms of employment, the civil sector, have the benefits of this program, which we have implemented in 99 local governments throughout the country,” said Joksimovic.

The Minister pointed out that territorially balanced development has been ensured, which is one of the most important common EU policies, and that is cohesion policy.

Joksimović also stated that the EU PRO program showed that society, local governments, individuals, non-governmental sector, academic, business sector, understood all the possibilities available, strengthening capacities, which means learning all the new necessary procedures.

Speaking about European integrations, Joksimović expressed satisfaction that after yesterday’s Intergovernmental Conference at which, as she stated, the opening of the negotiating “Cluster 1” concerning the rule of law was agreed, this conference was held immediately, which shows that European integrations are a living process. and reaches every citizen.

She announced that the implementation of the EU PRO Plus program will begin soon and invited everyone who participated in the EU PRO project to follow the calls, because additional funds will be allocated within the new project.

“We are finishing successfully with good results and we are preparing for the EU PRO plus, which will start soon. So far, we have shown that we were able to manage the pre-accession funds,” said Joksimović.

The head of the EU Delegation to Serbia, Sam Fabrizi, said that with the help of this project in European integration, they left Belgrade and paid attention to the rural parts of Serbia.

According to him, in three and a half years, 341 projects with three goals of work on improving the economy, work with local governments and social inclusion have been realized.

He pointed out that it was important that 580 new jobs were created within the EU PRO, of which almost half belonged to women from rural areas.

He reminded the factory that 55 cities and municipalities were worked on, and assistance was provided to small companies in order to develop the economy in local self-governments.

“Local communities play a significant role, the Serbian economy is structured around Corridor 10, but we have to get out of there and introduce the economy in rural areas, not only to function in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Nis,” Fabrizi said.

He pointed out that medical material for the joint fight against the corona virus was provided through the EU PRO program and the redirection of 10% of regional funds.


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