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Trading in Europe is currently declining sharply: Dax and Posti are down 1.5% and CAC is down 1.3%. The Stokes 600 is down 1.5%. Wall Street futures are trading down 1.4%.

Macro Europe: Inflation figures in the eurozone indicate a 4.9% rise in the price index last month (on an annualized basis), above the expected 4.5% rise.

Oil prices are falling. WTI oil loses 2.4% to $ 68.3 a barrel, and Brent crude is down 2.7% to $ 71.5 a barrel.

The background to the declines, as mentioned, is the pessimistic assessment of Modern CEO Stefan Bensel about the effectiveness of vaccines against the new varicose vein, the Omicron. Bensel noted in an interview with the Financial Times that delta. I think this is going to be a significant drop. We have to wait for the data, but all the scientists I spoke to said that ‘it’s not going to be good’. “


The declines in Europe are deepening. The DAX was down 1.5%, Potsey was down 1.3% and Kak was down 1.6%. The Eurostox 50 index drops close to 1.8%, the Madrid Stock Exchange loses almost 2%.

Significant declines are recorded at Lloyds and BP in London, Logitech loses 3.5% in Zurich, H&M loses 1.2% in Stockholm.

Even in the futures trading arena the declines are worsening. The Dow Jones is expected to drop 1.6%, the SP500 by 1.2%. NASDAQ 100 with a less deep decline of 0.7%. Yields on US government bonds are also weakening. The yield on the 10-year bond drops sharply by 10 basis points to 1.42%.

Modern loses about 3.5% in pre-trade, and tourism stocks as well American Airlines , Delta Airlines And the Cruise Company Carnival Lose height. On the other hand, Zoom Increases by 2.5%.

In the commodity market declines are increasing, WTI oil is losing about 3% to $ 67.8 a barrel, and Brent crude is down 2.8% to $ 71.1 a barrel.

In the crypto market the fluctuations are insignificant in most major currencies. The return currency does not jump by 25%, the Dogecoin by 5%.


Panic returned to markets: The declines in futures contracts are deepening and European markets also opened with price declines of more than 1% in most major indices.

Notable declines are recorded in London at the Investment Bank Lloyds Which sheds 2% in high trading turnover, the oil giant BP Which weakened by 1.3% against the background of the decline in oil prices today, and also Barclays , British Telecom andRoyal Dutch of Lose height. In Frankfurt, there are declines in car companies and banks.

In Asia, trading closed down mostly, but less deeply than those recorded earlier. The Hang Seng Index lost 1.7% when China Petroleum, Gili, Alibaba, Maitouan and Petrochina stood out. In Shanghai, the index closed with a minimal increase, while Shenzhen weakened by 0.1%.


The declines in Wall Street contracts are deepening: Dow Jones contracts are down 1.3%, S & P500 contracts are down 0.9% and Nasdaq 100 is down 0.5%.

In Japan, declines also closed toward closing and the Nikkei was down 1.6%. Nissan fell 5%, Mitsubishi dropped 4.4% and Softbank 2.9%. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange also declined and retreated 0.3% at this time, while Shanghai traded steadily. The Hang Seng Index is down 2.1%.

The modern CEO said it was unlikely the Corona vaccine would also be effective against the Omicron variant, prompting concern in the markets. Times. “” I think this is going to be a substantial drop. We have to wait for the data, but all the scientists I spoke to said that ‘it’s not going to be good,’ “he said.


Trading in Asia is on a mixed trend this morning, with the Nikkei down 0.9% and the Hang Seng down more than 2%, while in Shanghai and Shenzhen there are slight gains.

In Tokyo, Nissan stands out, which is down 3.7%, Mitsubishi, which is down 3.4%, and Softbank, which is down 3.3%. Mazda and Subaru are also losing ground. In Hong Kong, too, there was a weakness in car stocks, with Gili at the top retreating 3.3%. Shiomi, AliExpress, Mituan, Tencent and Ping are also weakening.

The contracts on the Wall Street indices are trading down: the Nasdaq is expected to fall by 0.5%, the Dow Jones by 0.9% and the S & P500 by 0.7%. ), When the consumer price index is expected to rise at an annual rate of 4.5% compared to 4.1% in the previous month.

The commodity market is declining this morning after crude oil prices climbed yesterday. Today WTI crude is down 0.7% to $ 69.4 a barrel while Brent oil contracts are down 0.8% to $ 72.6 a barrel.

After several days in which the shekel weakened against the currency basket, this morning the Israeli currency strengthened again. The shekel rose by 0.3% against the dollar (at a rate of NIS 3,167) and against the pound (at a rate of NIS 4,219) and by 0.5% against the euro (at a rate of NIS 3,582).

In the crypto trading arena the fluctuations are slight and stability is recorded. Bitcoin drops to $ 56.5 thousand (when last night it crossed the $ 58 thousand), Heather strengthens slightly to $ 4,405.

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