Pharmaceutical company Sanofi buys biotech companies in Austria

The French pharmaceutical company Sanofi is strengthening its vaccination business and is buying in Austria for it. The French are taking over the Origrimm Biotechnology company from private ownership, as Sanofi announced on Wednesday. Information on the price was not given.

Vaccine business

The biotechnology company Origrimm, based in Vienna, is said to specialize in skin diseases. The company’s most important drug, which is still in the test phase, is vaccine-based immunotherapy against acne. Origrimm thus complements the research platform for mRNA vaccines (messenger RNA) set up by Sanofi.

After moving away from diabetes research at Sanofi, the vaccines business is one of the most important pillars. At an upcoming event on the vaccines business in the afternoon, the Group confirmed its medium-term growth targets. Sanofi aims to boost sales of vaccines between 2018 and 2025 on average in the mid to high single-digit percentage range and more than double vaccine sales by the end of the decade.

The focus is on vaccines against flu, meningitis as well as polio and booster vaccinations. The group expects to be able to transfer ten vaccines to clinical studies by 2025, six of them mRNA vaccines.

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