KURIER: The paper processing industry is struggling with delivery bottlenecks. How come?
Georg-Dieter Fischer: Because we produce products that are in extreme demand and are crisis-resilient. We didn’t run out of paper, we were always able to supply our 85 converters. But it is stressful to get to the raw material. The fact that paper is a circular product and that 85 percent of our products are made from secondary fibers helps us to ensure sustainable supplies.

Where do you get the raw materials from?
Mostly from the European environment.

The scarcity is driving up prices. Is that already being reflected in retail?
On average, raw material costs have risen by 50 percent. But that is passed on to retailers with a delay. In addition, the packaging makes up between two to four percent of the cost of a product.

What about wrapping paper for Christmas?
That might be a little more expensive. But these are things that are still bought.

* Georg-Dieter Fischer is chairman of the Propak association with 85 domestic companies.

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