PKS has scheduled more than a hundred meetings for companies participating in the Tirana Economy Fair

The Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC) announced today that it has scheduled more than 100 meetings with Albanian companies, B2B meetings within the European Entrepreneurship Network (EEN), as well as talks with 22 companies participating in the 27th International Trade Fair in Tirana. the largest trade chains of all six economies of the Comoros Investment Forum of the Western Balkans.

“Among the companies from Albania that our companies will talk to are large business systems, such as Balfin Group, Agna, Kastrati, Brunes, Atlas Group, which bring together companies in the banking, real estate, trade, food, chemical and other industries, such as and trade chains, such as Spar, Konad and others “, said the head of the Center for Regional Cooperation of PKS, Aleksandar Radovanović.

He reminded that more than 250 companies from 20 countries, mostly from Turkey, Greece, Italy and Serbia, are participating in the fair in Tirana, which is being held under the slogan “One Balkans is a stronger Balkans”.

“Apart from exhibitors from our country, B2B meetings were organized for small and medium enterprises from the regional chambers of commerce of Krusevac and Nis, which will visit the fair as every year so far. Promising sectors for cooperation between Serbia and Albania are agriculture and food industry. the plastics, metal, textile, and furniture industries, “Radovanovic said.

According to PKS records, more than 1,000 companies from Serbia have partners in Albania, and the successful cooperation between the two economies is evidenced by the fact that during 2020, despite the coronavirus pandemic, we increased exports to the Albanian market by 10%.

The growth of the commodity shoulder is constant, and during the first nine months of this year, the exchange was higher by 28% compared to the first nine months of 2020.

From January to October this year, the exchange was worth 186.9 million euros, 41.8 million euros more than during the first nine months of 2020.

Exports also increased by a quarter, while imports increased by 41 percent, and Serbia achieved a larger trade surplus of 94.1 million euros, 14.6 million more than in the same period in 2020.

The director of development in the company Bogutovo from Arilje, Vanja Pećinar, a family company that deals with the sale and production of laundry and textile program, as well as the purchase and processing of fruit, stated that the company is entering the Albanian market for the first time.

“We have already been to the markets of Britain and America with the Chamber of Commerce, but now we are focused on the Western Balkans. We are present on the markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia, and we strive to establish cooperation with Albanian companies. with potential Albanian partners, “Pecinar said.

According to its representative Biljana Kojić Miladinović, the company Stantech, which deals with robotization and automation of the packaging process in the food industry, strives to achieve recognition on the Albanian market.

“We believe that we must be recognizable and present for the moment when the market is ready for us,” said Kojic Miladinovic.

The director of Milšped for Albania, Marko Divljan, said that the company has been operating on the Albanian market since 2013 and that during that time it has developed infrastructure, ie 8,000 square meters of warehouses, offices across the country, has 70 employees, and plans to have 90 workers next year.

“Albania is a natural market for the continued development of our network, because it has a European future. With the Open Balkans initiative, Serbia and the entire Balkans get a larger market of 18 million people, attracts more investors from Europe, a better life for the Balkans,” he said. Wild.

The fair, which opens tonight in the Albanian capital and lasts until December 4, under the slogan “Serbia Open Balkans for Growth and Development” features: Jovic service and overhaul, Delta filter, Uniplast, Stantech, September 9 – Tissue Converting, Vlora comm, Milšped, Aleksandar MN, Trendtex, Bogutovo, Patent CO, Zlatiborac, Nelt, Pionir, Simpo, Budimka, Gebi DOO, Art ival, DPS Klas, MIN Komerc, Bramy and Kolarević.

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