The new record for Italian manufacturing

The Italian manufacturing sector dominates the scene in the Eurozone. With a jump to 62.8 points from 61.7 in October, the Ihs Markit index for the sector touches a new all-time high and confirms the Italian industry at the helm of the recovery. Among the other countries, only France is keeping pace, with the indicator rising to 55.9 points, at most for 3 months.

Declining figures on the other hand mark Germany, where the index falls to 57.4 at a 10-month low, Holland (60.7 points, a 9-month low), Greece (58.8 points, a 2-month low. ), Austria (58,1 points, 10 months minimum) and Spain (57,1 points, 8 months minimum). In the Eurozone as a whole, the indicator rises marginally to 58.4 points from 58.3 in October, remaining at the lowest level since February.

The slowdowns in the supply chain and the consequent inflationary pressures are weighing. The survey also suggests that the more subdued improvement in demand indicates a normalization from the previous bumper growth.

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