“We will face debts that others generated,” said Alberto Fernández

The Industrial Union closed its 27th Industrial Conference with the presence of the president Alberto Fernandez, who came to Parque Norte with a libretto written in advance, unlike what his public interventions tend to be. “The written word always helps more than the improvised word, because it is more thoughtful,” he stopped. Next, he gave a speech in 17 minutes in which confirmed negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and held the previous administration responsible for the current lack of dollars.

“Everyone knows that the loan (from the IMF to Macri) in 2018 is equivalent to all the aid that the organization gave the world to face the damages of the pandemic. If Argentina had these currencies today, it could face infrastructure and production problems“Fernandez said.

We will face debts that others generated. But it will not be at the cost of the country’s development or on the basis of any adjustment program. We are going with a sure step and firm step with the IMF, “he added.

Fernández was received by the head of the UIA, Daniel Funes from Rioja, who gave a long speech in which he demanded “a greater tax equity “ and that the Government “solve the problem of debt, because we need foreign exchange for buy more inputs and capital goods to produce ”.

Fernández’s relationship with Funes had started with him left foot, when shortly after assuming the holder of Copal at the head of the UIA the Government hit the lacking, in September, to the celebration of Industry Day (with the exception of the Secretary of Industry, Ariel bowl).

For this Industrial Conference there was speculation again about the presence of Fernández who, after not a few versions throughout the same Thursday, finally attended. But in his written speech, he pointed to the food entrepreneurs, the sector from which Funes became president of the UIA.

Addressing the issue of inflation, the President said: “I view with concern the irrational increase in food prices. I will be uncompromising with those who are abused in this context. ”

Despite the speech at times rough, the industrialists they celebrated the presence of Fernández. They are closing a year with a recovery in activity that, in some cases, exceeds that achieved in 2018, as detailed on Wednesday by the executive director of the UIA, Diego Coatz.

One of the data that both industrialists and officials highlighted was the recovery of exports, which will be around the $ 75 billion this year.

The Minister of Production, Matías Kulfas, he also abounded in figures. “In September we had the highest level of activity in more than three years, producing 4.7% above September 2019 and 2.6% above September 2018 “, said.

In any case, there was some handling of these figures, as when he said that the participation of the local automotive industry in patents today is 50% versus 27% in 2017, without clarifying that in that year the patents exceeded 700,000 units and this year they will be little more than half of that figure.

But Kulfas provided a know dialoguista, which ultimately was the one that sweetened the ears of the industrialists, who have been demanding an economic plan from the Government.

“In a country where the crack is always present, it is usually thought to the development of the Internal market and to the one of exports What antinomias. There are those who say that you have to bet with everything on the external market without major considerations for the internal market. And there are also those who believe that exporting is not such a priority objective and that the absolute priority should be the domestic market, “said Kulfas.

“It is a false antinomy, other crack that divides us and clouds our thinking. Both developments are fundamental, “added Kulfas, who also encouraged businessmen to” raise wages. “Officials close to the minister later slipped:” With the recovery they are having, there is enough room to increase salaries and hire. There are 47,000 new industrial jobs in a year, a quarter of the 169.000 that were lost during the four years of the previous government. ”

And incidentally, Kulfas defended a position pro-company, within the limits that a K government official can afford: “We are a force focused on production and work that tirelessly seeks a great agreement between the sectors of production and labor to move the country forward,” he said.

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