New: Jaroslav Černi Institute sold to SNS company Millennium Team
The Jaroslav Cerni Institute of Water Management in Belgrade has been sold to a consortium consisting of the Millennium Team and seven directors from the Institute, has learned.

The decision, as stated, was made by the Ministry of Economy, and the explanation states that the consortium led by the Millennium team made a better offer than the Lazarevac company Bauwesen.

The company Millennium Team is connected with the Serbian Progressive Party, and one of the two directors, Ivan Bošnjak, was at the meeting of that party in the arena last Saturday, stated.

On October 1 this year, the Ministry of Economy announced a public invitation to participate in the public bidding procedure for the sale of about 92 percent of the capital of the state-owned Institute, and the starting price is 2.58 million euros.

The company Millennium Team offered the directors of the Institute for Water Management “Jaroslav Cerni” a joint participation in the privatization, which they accepted.

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