Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, Zoran Djordjevic, presented today at the fifth annual Conference of Notaries Public on Kopaonik the eNotar project, the development of which the company is working on.

As stated in the announcement of the Post of Serbia, Djordjevic said that eNotar is an information system for archiving notarial documentation.

“In the first phase, this information system will include digitalization and centralization of notary materials, while in the following phases it will enable the use of archived documents for the needs of judicial bodies, state bodies, the economy and citizens,” said Djordjevic.

Notaries’ counseling is held in order to exchange experiences and analyze and resolve controversial issues in notary public practice. Djordjevic said that the work of the Post of Serbia is being intensively improved in all fields, as well as that “that company is moving forward innovatively with the desire to use everything that digitalization provides.”

Milica Spasić, Director of the Information Technology, Electronic Communications and Development Function of the Serbian Post, also spoke on behalf of the Post of Serbia about the development and realization of eNotary.

This important project is being implemented, as stated, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and the Notary Chamber of Serbia.

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