The Emirate Mind: This is how Abu Dhabi became a power of innovation

Government investment of more than half a billion dollars, a historic move in the field of space agriculture and close cooperation with Israel will accelerate innovative technological solutions that will benefit residents of the entire world

A country that wants to lead, move forward and prosper economically depends first and foremost on its technological qualities and its level of innovation – this is an indisputable fact. At the most basic level, innovation improves the supply of products and services in the country, which significantly increases the product.

Throughout history, innovation has changed lives for the better with the help of inventions that have created opportunities, opened up new markets and offered new business models. Is it possible to imagine our life today without a TV, without a computer, without the Internet? Is it possible to imagine our lives without innovation?

In Abu Dhabi, whose commitment to innovation is more pronounced than anywhere else in the world, the emirate has invested heavily in cultivating an environment in which the latest technologies and solutions will take deep root and even flourish. In the agricultural technology industry (eg-tech), for example, Abu Dhabi has taken some significant steps to make the desert green.

Abu Dhabi’s Government Investment Office (ADIO) supports private sector investment. He founded an innovation program that included an investment of two billion dirhams (about $ 545 million) – as part of which some pioneers of the high-tech industry set up facilities based on advanced agricultural technologies in an attempt to research and grow food in the desert.

One of these companies is Nanoracks, which is building in Star Dabi the “Starlab – Space Agriculture Center”, the first commercial space exploration program in the history of the high-tech industry. The researchers will examine the possibility of producing food in space and the result can be translated into agriculture in extreme climatic conditions on Earth, such as the conditions in Abu Dhabi and its surroundings.

Waiting for Israelis

Abu Dhabi is committed to innovation that will create technological solutions for the local population, but also one that can be exported to the rest of the world. The emirate government is making sure that the pursuit of innovation in Abu Dhabi is as simple as possible for potential investors. Abu Dhabi’s ecosystem and bureaucracy are designed to facilitate developments and research that will lead to technological discoveries through business backers, free trade areas, greenhouses, and other financial incentives.

Another example of Abu Dhabi’s commitment to innovation is the “Abraham Accords”, which normalized relations between the United Arab Emirates and Israel and also paved the way for cross-market cooperation. Abu Dhabi has innovative infrastructure and world-class support and Israel is considered a start-up nation.

There is much to be gained from sharing expertise, knowledge, research and development. Abu Dhabi and Israel are uniting for the common good, connecting the most brilliant minds and developing solutions that can benefit our region and beyond. When you connect two markets, which proudly display science, research and technology in their showcase, there is no limit to innovation.

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