“If you’re in this conversation, you’re laid off,” said the CEO of 900 Zoom employees

Employees at the American mortgage company Better.com who connected to a zoom conversation with the company’s CEO did not expect what happened next. “Your employment is terminated immediately,” he informed them. He claimed that the reason was the company’s performance and market situation. For more than a billion dollars.

Online layoffs: “If you are present at this call, it means you are part of the unlucky group of laid off workers.” “Your employment with the company is being stopped immediately,” he told the workers, who according to a CNN report made up about 9% of the company’s employees, he added. Because they should expect an email from HR (HR) on the subject, detailing the benefits and compensation.The call took place last week, just before the start of the holiday season.


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According to the CEO named Vishal Garg, the reason for the layoffs was the company’s performance and market situation, but it was later reported that he accused employees of “stealing” from their colleagues and customers that they were unproductive and working only two hours a day. That and I do not want to do it, “he said in a short, emotionless conversation.” The last time I did it I cried. ”

According to CNN, the company announced in May that it would be issued through a merger with Spock, and last week received $ 750 million in cash as part of the deal. According to the report, the company’s cash balance stands at more than $ 1 billion. CEO Garg has been involved in another storm in the past, when according to a Forbes post he sent an email to employees that read: “You are terribly slow. A bunch of dumb dolphins. You embarrass me. “The Daily Beast reported last August that Garg had given employees close to him options worth millions of dollars.

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