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New York indices continue to climb, led by airlines, hotels, tourism and cruises. NASDAQ is up 1%, S&P 500 is up nearly 1.3% and Dow Jones is up close to 1.9%, up from more than 2% earlier.

Modern continues to lose height and decreases by about 14%, Pfizer Sheds 4.7%, Biontech drops 18%. On the other hand, Chinese stocks are soaring tonight, in them Didi Global Which rises by 9.7% andAli Baba Which is strengthening by 9.4%.

In Dow Jones, only four stocks are traded in red: Verizon , Nike , Salesforce andsoup .

Among Israeli stocks Protelix Concentrates interest and rises by 8%, Global Island, Brainstorm, NRX, US Fuel , Foresight and ICL behind it. On the other hand, Icecure sheds 11%, Pioneer loses 5%. Biomed Addist Bio continues its positive momentum in light of the good results in the experiment and jumps more than 38%.

In the oil trading arena, sharp increases of more than 5% are recorded in both WTI and Brent oil, which trade around $ 69.7 and $ 73.3 per barrel, respectively. Gold weakened 0.3% to $ 1,779 an ounce, while natural gas fell nearly 10 percent.


The rises on Wall Street are getting stronger. The Dow Jones industrial average is up more than 2%, led by Walgreens, American Express, Intel, visa And Boeing, the S&P 500 is up 1.4% and the Nasdaq is up 0.88%.

Aviation and tourism stocks continue to dominate the table, with many recording double-digit increases – including Norwegian Cruise, United, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, American Airlines andLas Vegas Sands . Also Delta, Wayne Resorts, Booking, Expedia, Caesars Entertainment Alaska Air Flights.

Among the Israeli stocks that are attracting interest are NRX Pharma, NeoGames, Foresight and ICC.

Yields on U.S. government bonds are soaring, and yields on the 10-year bond are already climbing 9 basis points and rising to 1.42%. Brent is up 3.6 percent to $ 72.4 a barrel.


Trade in Europe closed with strong gains. The Dax rose 1.4 percent, Potsey advanced nearly 1.6 percent and Kak added close to 1.5 percent.

In Europe, too, there have been sharp increases for airlines and tourism. IAG , Which owns British Airways, jumped more than 7.5%, Carnival Rose 6.6% in London (and is also soaring in the US at the same time), Rainier andLufthansa At 5%, Airbus At 4.7%. French aircraft manufacturer This is aviation It also soared by about 7%.

In the US, positive trading continues to take place, although the Nasdaq has occasionally fluctuated between declining and slightly rising. The Dow Jones is up 1.7%, the S & P500 is up 0.9%. Modern Stands out while diving by 15%, AMD andAnvidia Also recording high declines.

Tesla Drops 3.5% following a Reuters report that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has opened an investigation following allegations by a former employee that the company did not report risks in its solar panel operations.

Among the Israeli shares, Enlebax, which has received a U.S. patent approval (see previous update), stands out. ICL , Perrigo , Global-E , Biomix andCulture . On the other side of the table My size Crashes close to 17%, IceCure Medical Deletes 7.6% and also Pioneer , hippo , Dario Heath , Re , SimilarWeb andWellness Lose height.


Adist Bio, a company established in Israel and currently operating in the United States, has risen more than 40% after reporting positive results in the experiment. The company Develops cancer immunotherapy treatments based on research by Prof. Yoram Reiter from the Technion, using a unique type of immune system cell, gamma-delta T cells, to develop cancer treatment that is a shelf product and does not require engineering of the patient’s own cells. The company reported positive intermediate data in Phase 1 of its experiment For the treatment of non-B-type Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Meanwhile, the US markets have moved to a positive trend, with NASDAQ now rising 0.2% and Russell 2000 1.6%. The Dow Jones adds 1.7% and the S&P 500 close to 1%.

Airlines and tourism continue to soar at sharp rates, Norwegian Cruise At the top with an increase of close to 10%, followed by Carnival, American Airlines, United, Royal Caribbean, MGM Resorts, Delta, Expedia , Alaska Air , Booking and more.

At the head of the Dow Jones Walgreens Which increases by 4%, and more strong increases are recorded in Amgen , Intel , American Express , Boeing , Dark andCoca-Cola .


Mixed opening on the Wall Street stock exchanges, with the NASDAQ index weakening by 0.2% after the day on which contracts were traded in a negative trend. The high rise among the large indices is attributed to the Dow Jones which rises by 0.9%. In 2%.

SimilarWeb , Brainsway , Siren andCelebrity Israeliness stands out in sharp declines, also modern, Lucid and Tesla from slightly higher abdication. Airlines and tourism are prominent, and top notch United Airlines , Delta Airlines , American Airlines , Royal Caribbean , Host Hotels & Resorts , Carnival andBooking.

In Europe, the positive trend continues, with strong increases of more than 1% in most major indices. Energy companies and investment houses stand out, pushing the Eurostox 600 index up 1%.

In the crypto market there are declines at relatively easy rates, and Bitcoin is trading around $ 48.4 thousand, Heather for $ 4,056.

Dr. Gil Befman, chief economist at Bank Leumi, commented on fluctuations in the oil market (which is up 2.2% at the moment) and noted that the OPEC + group is expected to increase oil production in January if the oil market remains stable, “but may avoid further quotas in February. If he fears that the market will be in excess supply that will jeopardize its stability. “He added that if the expansion of the Omicron variant tightens the restrictions (which will reduce energy demand), it could overturn the decision to further increase production in early 2022.

“Such restrictions may also lead to a certain decrease in the price of natural gas, with an emphasis on the price of European natural gas (TTF) which has risen sharply in recent months due to existing shortages, but is expected to remain high until this problem is resolved and inventories return. “The Fed’s assets may further strengthen the dollar, which also supports a drop in oil prices in the medium term,” Befman concluded.


Unlibox The duality is intensifying pre-eminently after it reported that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a statement of approval for a new patent covering Allocetra, the company’s immunotherapeutic drug under development. The patent will add with its approval additional intellectual property protection in the U.S. by at least 2036, covering the use of Allocetra for the treatment of sepsis patients. The company anticipates that the new patent will be issued in the U.S. in early 2022.

On the other hand, Politics Loses over 5% in pre-trade, and both Anvidia and Game Stop fall at a similar rate. Modernity is weakening by 6%, Siren, Celebrity and Ormed are also losing height.


Trading in U.S. stock market indices is a mixed trend – contracts on the Nasdaq are down about 0.3 percent, while contracts on the Dow Jones are trading slightly higher.

In early trading, stocks are declining Tesla , Zoom, Anvidia And Amazon. Apple on the other hand registers a slight increase.

Ari Wald, Oppenheimer’s technical strategist, notes in a review that the recent weakness in stock markets over the spread of the Corona virus ‘Omicron’ strain alongside the restrained Fed policy, increases the level of volatility and causes investors to hesitate between fearing risk and taking advantage of opportunities. The restraint of the Fed’s policy is the typical phenomenon in the second year of the upturn in the markets, and despite the increase in short-term volatility, leads to a continued upward trend in risk avenues within the next 6-12 months. While the restraining policy may ultimately complicate credit terms and the functioning of capital markets, Wald estimates that current indicators do not yet herald the beginning of the bear market.


Europe’s leading stock indices are now up 0.4% -0.8%. Trading on US stock market indices is up 0.7%.

Bitcoin is trading down about 3% to $ 47,500.

Rafi Gozlan, chief economist at IBI Investment House, notes in a review that “Although the uncertainty surrounding the impact of the new variant will continue to accompany the markets in the near future until it becomes clear about the degree of harm and the effectiveness of vaccines, the emphasis gradually shifts to the FED.” Recently in terms of inflation.In the latest interest rate decision the Fed came with a June tone, tried to buy time and stayed with the assessment of temporary inflation, albeit with less confidence.The rise in energy prices, the actual acceleration of inflation and inflation expectations and a relatively rapid rise in wages persuaded the Fed to abandon “The assessment of temporary inflation. This is expected to be reflected in the acceleration of the rate of reduction in purchases, and it seems at this stage that the process will end at the end of the first quarter of 2022 and not at the end of the second quarter.” .

“What further sharpens the Fed’s later response to inflation is the fact that although the Fed now understands that the inflation environment is significantly higher than early estimates (the November index to be released this week in the US is expected to point to basic inflation of close to 5%), It is likely to continue to flow liquidity to the markets over the next quarter as well. The inflow of liquidity may to some extent moderate the sharp transition that is expected to characterize monetary policy during the first half of the year, ie from a situation of liquidity inflow through the purchase of monetary bonds to monetary restraint. “The Fed will aim for significant tightening of financial conditions, which have so far remained at comfortable levels, in order to lead to a decline in the inflation environment.”

He further notes that “the contracts on the Fed interest rate align with the expectation of accelerating the reduction of purchases and ending this process in the first quarter of 2022. Thus, the contracts embody a first interest rate increase during the second quarter of 2022 and close to 3 interest rate increases, to 0.75%, at the end of 2022 “More importantly, the yield curve continues to flatten from both ends, meaning a rise in short-term yields and a decline in long-term so that the message from the bond market continues to be of the Fed curbing inflation at the cost of slowing activity.”


European Stock Exchange Week opened on a positive note. Trading on US stock market indices is up 0.7%.

In the crypto arena, Bitcoin is trading down slightly, around $ 48,800.


Asian stock markets are trading today in a mixed trend. The Nikkei index in Tokyo is down slightly, while the Shanghai Stock Exchange is up 0.2%.

Hong Kong stock markets are down more than 1% amid weakness in high-tech stocks. JD is down more than 3% and Tencent is down 2.7%.

Trading in US stock market indices is up 0.7%. The yield on 10-year US government bonds is up about 1.39%.

After the sharp declines it recorded over the weekend, Bitcoin stabilizes at around $ 49,000. Atherium rises slightly and trades around $ 4,170.

In the commodity trading arena, a February contract for Brent oil rose more than 2% to around $ 71.4 a barrel, and a WTI oil contract rose 2.3% to $ 67.8 a barrel.

Gold is trading steadily.

Alex Zabrzynski, Meitav Dash’s chief economist, estimates in his weekly review that Wall Street stocks are expected to return to a positive trend. “The experience of the previous decade shows that the stock market is indeed affected by FED purchases. Even when the FED interest rate rises, the stock market usually continues to rise. About 1.3% in periods when interest rates did not rise or fall, such as in the early 2000s and the 2008 crisis. We estimate that inflation could cause the Fed and other central banks to find themselves “behind the curve” and act aggressively. “Not the main scenario. In the absence of an exacerbation of the health risk, the stock market is expected to continue to be in a positive trend.”

“In periods of high inflation and rising interest rates, assets with high profit multipliers are usually hit. Value stocks, stocks of companies holding real assets, heavy industry stocks, infrastructure and materials have generally achieved excess returns during these periods. Bottom line: We recommend medium to high exposure to the bus. The stock, “he writes.

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