European indices soar 2%;  Intel jumps pre.Wall Street

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Trading in Europe continues to exist with strong gains of 2% and above in most major indices on the continent. The Eurostox 600 is up 1.9%, the Eurostox 50 is up 2.5%.

Contract trading is also rising: the Nasdaq is up 1.7%, the Dow is up 1% and the S & P500 is up 1.2%. Bond yields are rising moderately, and the US government’s 10-year bond yield is 1.44 %.

Intel Prominent in the pre-season after also soaring last night in the latest trading of more than 8%, after announcing that it intends to re-issue Mobilai at a value of $ 50 billion – three times the value at which it acquired the company.

Dark , Anvidia , Tesla andPaypal Early trade also strengthens, as does Israeliness Iron Source , Monday , Foresight , Inmode , Solaredge andproductivity .


Mainly positive closing on Asian stock markets: the Hang Seng index jumped by 2.7%, Kusfi rose by 0.6%, Shanghai added 0.1% and Shenzhen fell by 0.4%.

Alibaba stock stood out with a sharp rise of 12%, automaker Gili advanced 4.5%, Country Garden jumped 11%. Maitouan, Tencent and Shiomi also strengthened.

In Europe, a bright positive trend continues, with the Eurostox 50 rising 2.2% and the Eurostox 600 rising 1.7%. Futures are also green, signaling a 1.5% rise in the Nasdaq and a 1.1% rise in the S & P500.


Trading in European markets opened with price increases. The DAX is up 1.3%, Kak is up 1.4% and Potsey is up 0.8%. Also in Amsterdam, Milan and Stockholm the trend is positive and there are increases of more than 1%.

Prominent in Frankfurt Adidas With an increase of 2.4%, and also Deutsche Post, Porsche , BMW , SAP andpuma Centers of interest. In London Glencore Increases by 2.2% and also Lloyds , American Airlines andBarbary Group Getting stronger.

In futures trading increases are rising. Contracts for the Nasdaq are up 1%, Dow is up 0.7% and S&P is up 0.8%.


The gains in Tokyo moderated towards the close and the Nikkei index ended the trading day with an increase of about 1.9%. Softbank Group jumped close to 8%, Nissan rose 3.5%, Mitsubishi 3.2%, Mazda 4.4% and Toyota, Suzuki, Subaru, Mitsubishi Financial Bank and oil giant Infax also rose nicely.


Asian stock markets are trading in a positive trend today. The Nikkei index in Tokyo is up 2.2% and the Hong Kong Hong Kong index is up 1.8%. This is against the background of a decrease in the level of concern about the “omicron” variant of the corona virus.

High-tech stocks are soaring, led by Alibaba, which jumped about 10 percent in Hong Kong after falling 6 percent yesterday. Tencent is up 2.7%.

The first trading day of this week ended yesterday in the US with strong price increases – including the Nasdaq index which climbed close to 1% after starting the day in decline. The Dow Jones industrial average rose nearly 1.9%, the S&P 500 rose 1.1%. Bond yields also rose sharply, with the yield on the 10-year US government bond rising 9 basis points to 1.42%.

Trading in US stock market indices is currently up 0.4% -0.5%. The yield on 10-year US government bonds is rising to about 1.45%.

In the crypto arena, Bitcoin climbs and trades around $ 51,000. Atherium also rose by about 3% and traded around $ 4,350.

In the commodity trading arena, a February contract for Brent oil rose more than 1% to around $ 73.8 a barrel, and a WTI oil contract rose 1.3% to $ 70.4 a barrel.

Gold is trading steadily.

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