Krkobabic: The first minibuses are going to the village, transport is free (VIDEO)

Today, the Minister for the Care of the Village, Milan Krkobabić, signed agreements on the allocation of non-refundable funds for the purchase of minibuses for the transport of the rural population with the presidents of 18 local self-government units in Serbia.

“Minibuses are here, we have provided funds. Now it is up to people from local self-governments to rationally manage, to maintain vehicles, to provide fuel and drivers. And let the villagers evaluate. This is only the first step. And that is why it will be of special importance to us their opinion “, said Krkobabic after signing the contract. The Minister announced a comprehensive program for solving the burning problem of transportation for the inhabitants of rural villages in Serbia, especially in peripheral and devastated municipalities.

The Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering of the University of Belgrade and relevant scientific institutions will actively participate in the development of the program.

“What keeps me convinced that we will realize this is the full support that the President of the Republic, Aleksandar Vučić, gave to this idea,” Krkobabić added.

The first minibuses distributed in 18 local self-government units will directly contribute to solving the problem of transportation in 479 villages across Serbia, and it will be used by as many as 17,000-18,000 passengers a week.

The agreements were signed today with the presidents of the local self-governments, which were ranked the best according to the criteria of the public competition and the decision of the commission.

The commission, headed by the dean of the Faculty of Transportation, Nebojsa Bojovic, evaluated 81 received applications that met the conditions, and 120 million dinars allocated from the budget for these purposes were distributed to 18 best ranked local self-government units.

“With this program, the Ministry of Rural Care has shown that it perfectly understands the reality of Serbian villages and provides support to environments that cannot provide adequate transportation systems on their own. is a great instrument to reach that goal, “Bojovic said.

Minibuses purchased with these funds will be used exclusively for the needs of transporting the rural population from one village to another, or from the village to the city / municipal seat. In this way, the inhabitants of the village will be enabled to perform economic activities, availability of adequate health care, going to school for the youngest, sports and cultural activities.

The mayor of Uzice, Jelena Raković Radivojević, praised the cooperation and programs of the Ministry of Village Care so far and pointed out that the minibus purchased with these funds will transport the residents of all 39 villages in the city.

“Only with the united forces of the state and local self-governments can we provide a better and better life for the rural population,” Raković Radivojević pointed out.

In deciding on the allocation of non-refundable funds for the purchase of minibuses, the most endangered areas of Serbia were taken into account, so 13 out of 18 local self-government units that received money belong to the fourth development group and devastated areas.

The first on the list of approved requests is Kursumlija, followed by Bosilegrad, Trgovište, Crna Trava, Gadžin Han, Lebane, Babušnica, Rekovac, Aleksandrovac …

The competition lasted until September 3 this year, the applicants for the public competition were local self-government units from the entire territory of Serbia, and the maximum amount per one application is seven million dinars.

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