PKS support for young people in business within the Be Brave initiative
Members of the Section for Youth Entrepreneurship of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC), within the “Be Brave” initiative, will support four young entrepreneurs in registering their business and improving their existing business, the SCC announced today.“Nemanja Topic and Slavica Ilic, who plan to start their own business in the field of architecture and design, ie cosmetics and make-up, will receive help and advice on how to start a business in these areas, and Milos Bozinovic owner of ‘Kao zdravlje’ and Dragana Vojinovic owner ‘ The mother of the brand “help how to improve and improve business”, said the director of the Entrepreneurship Sector of PKS, Branislava Simanić.

As she stated, young entrepreneurs are provided with mentoring support, free sales and advertising space, banners on the portal that has more than 100,000 visitors a month, help with creating a site for beginners, as well as SEO optimization for those who already have registered companies.

She reminded that the Section for Youth Entrepreneurship of PKS launched the initiative “Be Brave” in October with the aim of encouraging as many young people as possible to start their own business, as well as to help develop existing businesses of young entrepreneurs with concrete activities.

“We are focused on supporting and encouraging young people to start their own business after completing formal education. In this way, new jobs are created, young people stay in their country, which is the common goal of all of us,” said Simanić.

She invited young people to join the “Be Brave” initiative, to present their ideas and plans.

It was pointed out that this is the first in a series of initiatives of the Section for Young Entrepreneurs of PKS, and that the Youth Summit of Serbia is planned in the coming period, as well as a large number of other activities that will support young people in entrepreneurship.

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