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A green lock on Wall Street tonight, with the Dow Jones advancing close to 1% and the Nasdaq and S&P 500 adding about 0-6%-

The software company Marine Software more than doubled its value today on Wall Street (105% +) after reporting that a tool it developed for managing advertisements would also work in Instagram stores- Biopharma company Eli Lily ended the day with a 7-3% increase, after announcing that the FDA had approved an accelerated development process for the treatment of Alzheimer’s, dubbed “Breakthrough”-

Among the stocks that concentrated the interest of investors and gained gains: Macy’s , Tesla , General Electric , Boeing , Goldman Sachs , Walt disney andIntel – On the other hand, Dark andFord Motors Weakened (0-2% and 0-9% respectively) andIn Eugene Lost 6-1%-

Infrastructure companies received a windfall when Biden announced an inter-party agreement on a $ 1 trillion infrastructure plan, andCaterpillar , Vulcan Materials and FreightCar America have been promoted- The latter, which manufactures freight cars, has soared 24% in high trading turnover-

Among the Israeli companies on Wall Street, Entra Bio (Which yesterday reported a successful trial in the treatment of osteoporosis) lost 5-2% in high circulation, Intec Pharma Shed 5-1% andNano Dimension Decreased 0-8%- On the other hand, nature Rose 2%, Marvel Technology 3%, Zim 6% andCompugen 9%-


Rises on Wall Street are intensifying after President Joe Biden announced that there is a “deal” between the two parties regarding the planned national infrastructure plan- The scope of the plan has been reduced to $ 1 trillion (compared to $ 2-3 trillion Biden initially hoped for), but it is still subject to congressional approval-

The Dow Jones is up 1% and the Nasdaq and S&P 500 are up 0-5%- The shares of the various infrastructure companies are also reacting with price increases, including the giant Caterpillar Which rises 3-5% in high-trading turnover, as do the building materials companies Martin Marietta Materials and Vulcan Materials-


Rises on Wall Street continue, with the Dow Jones advancing nearly 1%- The Nasdaq and S&P 500 are up 0-6%-

Microsoft Introduced tonight the new version of the Windows operating system, and the stock adds about 0-5%- Compugen continues to climb but the increase has moderated and stands at about 9%-

Biopharmaceutical company Eli Lilly is up nearly 8% after announcing that the FDA called its treatment of Alzheimer’s disease a “pioneer” and a leader in the field, and approved an expedited development process for it- In Eugene , Whose drug for Alzheimer’s was approved a few weeks ago by the FDA, is losing 4-3%-

The crypto market is showing a recovery and Bitcoin has already traded close to $ 35,000- Etherium is also correcting the declines it has experienced since the weekend and has returned to trading at over $ 2,000- It is still a weekly drop of 10% in Bitcoin and of 15% in Ether-

The DogeCoin also strengthens to 24 cents, the Ripple jumps to 68 cents- Both currencies lost about 20% in a week-


Arcus Biosciences shares climb above 12% after reporting that its experimental treatment for lung cancer has demonstrated clinical efficacy in a Phase 2 clinical study- The company did not release specific data but said the trial would continue- SVB Leerink analysts say the data, although limited, bodes well for companies developing similar treatments, including Compugen The Israeli – which is already soaring 14% even though it has not published any of its own reports-


Positive closing on European stock markets, with the CAC jumped 1-2%, the DAX rose 0-88% and the Potsy strengthened by 0-5%- Increases of more than 1% were also recorded on the Amsterdam, Madrid, Milan and Stockholm stock exchanges-

The positive trend continues on Wall Street as well: the Nasdaq climbs 0-8%, the Dow Jones 0-7% and the S&P 500 0-5%- Boeing Strengthens by about 2%, Tesla Jumps 5-4%, Compugen The Israeli rises 12-7%-


The trading day on Wall Street opened in a positive trend, with increases of about 0-5% for the Dow Jones and S&P 500 and an increase of about 0-6% for the Nasdaq-

Tesla Concentrates interest in opening trade and rises about 2-3%, Ali Baba Strengthens 3-5%, Vodafone Jumps 9%- Rolls-Royce Holdings, on the other hand, loses 4%, In Eugene Loses 5-5%, Beyond with Withdrew 3-4%-

Entra Bio , Who reported success in a clinical trial for osteoporosis and soared last night, is losing some height- Marine Software, which has developed an ad management tool in Instagram stores, is soaring 70%-


Rises in Europe continue, with the French Kak up more than 0-9%, the DAX rising 0-7% and the Potsy 0-4%-

Marine software maker Marine Software is soaring above 80% in early trading on Wall Street after it reported that a tool it has developed for managing ads will also work in Instagram stores-

In the UK, shares of banks and investment entities have risen, including the Charter and Barclays Standard- Lloyds trades steadily, but in high turnover- On the other hand, the British communications companies are weakening, including Vodafone, which is down 3-2%, and British Telecom, which is down 1-6%-

The crypto market is showing a recovery and Bitcoin is trading for close to $ 34,000- Etherium at $ 1,974- The DogeCoin and Ripple are recovering faster and trading for 24 and 65 cents respectively-


Increases of up to 1% on European stock exchanges- Wall Street indices are up 0-5% -0-6%-

The Bank of England has left the level of interest rates and the quantitative easing program (bond purchases) unchanged- Shay Zessler, Global Markets Analyst at Bank Hapoalim’s Research Unit, notes in response that ” 0-1% and also on maintaining the bond buying policy by a majority of 8 to 1 – both similar to the analysts’ consensus- Central Bank members updated the growth forecast for the second quarter of 2021 to 4-3%, 1-5% higher than their estimate in May, It will be 2-5% lower at the end of the quarter than it was before the crisis- “

“The Bank estimates that inflation is expected to cross the 3% target threshold only temporarily, while committee members will examine the long-term impact of supply chain disruptions on price increases- At the same time, they stressed once again that they will not pursue a monetary contraction “Employment in particular, with 1-5 million Britons still receiving government support- The statement draws investors’ attention to the interest rate decision to be made in August – and is expected to include a broader reference to the impact of the Delta Mutation outbreak in the past month, and growth effects on inflation-”


European stock markets have moved up to 0-8%- Trading in Wall Street indices is up 0-5% -0-6%-

The chip company Tower has long talked about the desire to increase production capacity, especially in 300 mm diameter technologies- Today the company updated on a significant agreement in the field: Tower will cooperate with the chip giant STMicroelectronics for mass production in a 300 mm plant in Italy- Under the agreement, ST will attach Tower to the project to build a new manufacturing plant in Agraetta, Italy – a plant that began construction in 2018 and is in advanced stages- The collaboration is intended to accelerate the process of increasing production capacity, and the company notes that the plant is expected to start production in the second half of 2022-


European Stock Exchange Day opened with a mixed trend- Trading on Wall Street indices is up slightly after a mixed close yesterday-


Asian stock markets are trading today in a mixed trend- Trading on Wall Street indices is up slightly after a mixed close yesterday-

Gold weakened slightly and the price of an ounce dropped to $ 1,775- Oil is trading steadily and a contract on a Brent barrel is trading at $ 75-2 a barrel-

Deutsche Bank economists note in their weekly review that “concerns about raising interest rates may refocus attention on Fed members’ argument that current inflation is only temporary- A high PCE figure this coming Friday is not expected to shake the ship- However questions about the average inflation regime The Fed’s new flexibility still exists and markets have reacted nervously to Fed Bollard’s remarks about inflation and interest rates last Friday- “

“Sustainable product orders (the figure is published today) will provide further evidence of a rise in the economy but the housing issue is also important- Inflation in housing prices (rents and house prices) is higher than its representation in the consumer price index and the US housing market continues to suffer from supply shortages- Bottom line: The PCE price index for May is not expected to challenge the Fed’s narrative, but inflation in the housing section remains a cause for concern- ”

In the crypto market, Bitcoin is down 2% to $ 32,600 and Etherium is down 1-6% to $ 1,910-

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