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A green lock on Wall Street tonight, with the Dow Jones advancing close to 1% and the Nasdaq and S&P 500 adding about 0.6%.

The software company Marine Software more than doubled its value today on Wall Street (105% +) after reporting that a tool it developed for managing advertisements would also work in Instagram stores. Biopharma company Eli Lily ended the day with a 7.3% increase, after announcing that the FDA had approved an accelerated development process for the treatment of Alzheimer’s, dubbed “Breakthrough”.

Among the stocks that concentrated the interest of investors and gained gains: Macy’s , Tesla , General Electric , Boeing , Goldman Sachs , Walt disney andIntel . On the other hand, Dark andFord Motors Weakened (0.2% and 0.9% respectively) andIn Eugene Lost 6.1%.

Infrastructure companies received a windfall when Biden announced an inter-party agreement on a $ 1 trillion infrastructure plan, andCaterpillar , Vulcan Materials and FreightCar America have been promoted. The latter, which manufactures freight cars, has soared 24% in high trading turnover.

Among the Israeli companies on Wall Street, Entra Bio (Which yesterday reported a successful trial in the treatment of osteoporosis) lost 5.2% in high circulation, Intec Pharma Shed 5.1% andNano Dimension Decreased 0.8%. On the other hand, nature Rose 2%, Marvel Technology 3%, Zim 6% andCompugen 9%.


Rises on Wall Street are intensifying after President Joe Biden announced that there is a “deal” between the two parties regarding the planned national infrastructure plan. The scope of the plan has been reduced to $ 1 trillion (compared to $ 2.3 trillion Biden initially hoped for), but it is still subject to congressional approval.

The Dow Jones is up 1% and the Nasdaq and S&P 500 are up 0.5%. The shares of the various infrastructure companies are also reacting with price increases, including the giant Caterpillar Which rises 3.5% in high-trading turnover, as do the building materials companies Martin Marietta Materials and Vulcan Materials.


Rises on Wall Street continue, with the Dow Jones advancing nearly 1%. The Nasdaq and S&P 500 are up 0.6%.

Microsoft Introduced tonight the new version of the Windows operating system, and the stock adds about 0.5%. Compugen continues to climb but the increase has moderated and stands at about 9%.

Biopharmaceutical company Eli Lilly is up nearly 8% after announcing that the FDA called its treatment of Alzheimer’s disease a “pioneer” and a leader in the field, and approved an expedited development process for it. In Eugene , Whose drug for Alzheimer’s was approved a few weeks ago by the FDA, is losing 4.3%.

The crypto market is showing a recovery and Bitcoin has already traded close to $ 35,000. Etherium is also correcting the declines it has experienced since the weekend and has returned to trading at over $ 2,000. It is still a weekly drop of 10% in Bitcoin and of 15% in Ether.

The DogeCoin also strengthens to 24 cents, the Ripple jumps to 68 cents. Both currencies lost about 20% in a week.


Arcus Biosciences shares climb above 12% after reporting that its experimental treatment for lung cancer has demonstrated clinical efficacy in a Phase 2 clinical study. The company did not release specific data but said the trial would continue. SVB Leerink analysts say the data, although limited, bodes well for companies developing similar treatments, including Compugen The Israeli – which is already soaring 14% even though it has not published any of its own reports.


Positive closing on European stock markets, with the CAC jumped 1.2%, the DAX rose 0.88% and the Potsy strengthened by 0.5%. Increases of more than 1% were also recorded on the Amsterdam, Madrid, Milan and Stockholm stock exchanges.

The positive trend continues on Wall Street as well: the Nasdaq climbs 0.8%, the Dow Jones 0.7% and the S&P 500 0.5%. Boeing Strengthens by about 2%, Tesla Jumps 5.4%, Compugen The Israeli rises 12.7%.


The trading day on Wall Street opened in a positive trend, with increases of about 0.5% for the Dow Jones and S&P 500 and an increase of about 0.6% for the Nasdaq.

Tesla Concentrates interest in opening trade and rises about 2.3%, Ali Baba Strengthens 3.5%, Vodafone Jumps 9%. Rolls-Royce Holdings, on the other hand, loses 4%, In Eugene Loses 5.5%, Beyond with Withdrew 3.4%.

Entra Bio , Who reported success in a clinical trial for osteoporosis and soared last night, is losing some height. Marine Software, which has developed an ad management tool in Instagram stores, is soaring 70%.


Rises in Europe continue, with the French Kak up more than 0.9%, the DAX rising 0.7% and the Potsy 0.4%.

Marine software maker Marine Software is soaring above 80% in early trading on Wall Street after it reported that a tool it has developed for managing ads will also work in Instagram stores.

In the UK, shares of banks and investment entities have risen, including the Charter and Barclays Standard. Lloyds trades steadily, but in high turnover. On the other hand, the British communications companies are weakening, including Vodafone, which is down 3.2%, and British Telecom, which is down 1.6%.

The crypto market is showing a recovery and Bitcoin is trading for close to $ 34,000. Etherium at $ 1,974. The DogeCoin and Ripple are recovering faster and trading for 24 and 65 cents respectively.


Increases of up to 1% on European stock exchanges. Wall Street indices are up 0.5% -0.6%.

The Bank of England has left the level of interest rates and the quantitative easing program (bond purchases) unchanged. Shay Zessler, Global Markets Analyst at Bank Hapoalim’s Research Unit, notes in response that ” 0.1% and also on maintaining the bond buying policy by a majority of 8 to 1 – both similar to the analysts’ consensus. Central Bank members updated the growth forecast for the second quarter of 2021 to 4.3%, 1.5% higher than their estimate in May, It will be 2.5% lower at the end of the quarter than it was before the crisis. “

“The Bank estimates that inflation is expected to cross the 3% target threshold only temporarily, while committee members will examine the long-term impact of supply chain disruptions on price increases. At the same time, they stressed once again that they will not pursue a monetary contraction “Employment in particular, with 1.5 million Britons still receiving government support. The statement draws investors’ attention to the interest rate decision to be made in August – and is expected to include a broader reference to the impact of the Delta Mutation outbreak in the past month, and growth effects on inflation.”


European stock markets have moved up to 0.8%. Trading in Wall Street indices is up 0.5% -0.6%.

The chip company Tower has long talked about the desire to increase production capacity, especially in 300 mm diameter technologies. Today the company updated on a significant agreement in the field: Tower will cooperate with the chip giant STMicroelectronics for mass production in a 300 mm plant in Italy. Under the agreement, ST will attach Tower to the project to build a new manufacturing plant in Agraetta, Italy – a plant that began construction in 2018 and is in advanced stages. The collaboration is intended to accelerate the process of increasing production capacity, and the company notes that the plant is expected to start production in the second half of 2022.


European Stock Exchange Day opened with a mixed trend. Trading on Wall Street indices is up slightly after a mixed close yesterday.


Asian stock markets are trading today in a mixed trend. Trading on Wall Street indices is up slightly after a mixed close yesterday.

Gold weakened slightly and the price of an ounce dropped to $ 1,775. Oil is trading steadily and a contract on a Brent barrel is trading at $ 75.2 a barrel.

Deutsche Bank economists note in their weekly review that “concerns about raising interest rates may refocus attention on Fed members’ argument that current inflation is only temporary. A high PCE figure this coming Friday is not expected to shake the ship. However questions about the average inflation regime The Fed’s new flexibility still exists and markets have reacted nervously to Fed Bollard’s remarks about inflation and interest rates last Friday. “

“Sustainable product orders (the figure is published today) will provide further evidence of a rise in the economy but the housing issue is also important. Inflation in housing prices (rents and house prices) is higher than its representation in the consumer price index and the US housing market continues to suffer from supply shortages. Bottom line: The PCE price index for May is not expected to challenge the Fed’s narrative, but inflation in the housing section remains a cause for concern. ”

In the crypto market, Bitcoin is down 2% to $ 32,600 and Etherium is down 1.6% to $ 1,910.

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