The Government supports the reopening of joint ventures and the year.end bond requests grow

In view of the acceleration of inflation expected for the summer and the official concern to maintain social peace, the Government endorsed a new wage round in the private sector to rebuild income in line with the expected increase in prices, which this year will close at around 51.1%, according to the consultants surveyed in November by the Central Bank.

The Ministry of Labor, headed by Claudio Moroni, called the Banking Association and the chambers for this Thursday at 2:00 p.m. of the activity to update the parity of the sector. The union headed by Sergio Palazzo requested last week to apply the revision clause contained in the agreement signed last June.

The banking leader seeks to obtain a raise of more than 50% in what it will be the second reopening in the year of your parity. The union agreed to a 29% increase in February and reopened negotiations in June to seal a 45% increase in three tranches and an October Banker’s Day bonus of up to $ 170,000 per employee, along with a December review.

That mechanism was the one that was put into operation in the last hours. The union also seeks to discuss the application of the Teleworking Law to obtain the payment of expenses for this modality, amid the strong digitization of finances and the closure of branches, which is why the union called for this Friday a new national strike at Banco Santander.

Although they are still limited, wage claims began to reappear in a context in which analysts foresee an acceleration of inflation in the summer with increases of 4% per month on average, above the inflation of 3.5% in September and October, due to the expected adjustment in the exchange rate, rates and those goods and services that had moderate increases.

Thus, in view of the fact that official measures to contain prices so far they have not achieved a significant decrease in the inflationary rhythm, Moroni anticipated in recent weeks that “in case inflation hits wages, We will reopen the joint as many times as necessary so that the salary meets the goal of recovering from inflation. ”

The request of the largest union in the country

In this framework, the leader of the Commerce employees, Armando Cavalieri, requested in the last days a year-end bonus of between $ 12,000 and $ 13,000 to supermarkets and wholesale supermarkets, a claim that until now was accepted by some chains first line with the delivery of a consumer card “gift card” for those amounts.

With more than 1.2 million members, the largest union in the country seeks to review its parity in January. After closing 32% in April, Cavalieri agreed in July an extraordinary sum of $ 4,000 in August and a 9% increase in November, which totaled a rise of 42%. The idea now is to add 10 points to exceed 50%.

The Metallurgical Workers Union (UOM) also negotiates an update of the current wage agreement in the steel industry to bring the increase of the order of 50%, similar to the one already agreed with Adimra (metallurgists), AFAC (auto parts), Camima (industrial SMEs), Afarte (electronic terminals of Tierra del Fuego ), Caiama (aluminum) and Fedehogar (electrical appliances).

After the incorporation of Pablo Moyano to the triumvirate that leads the CGT, truckers plan to ask for a year-end bonus in December. The union led by Hugo Moyano achieved a 45% increase in sections in June and agreed to a review instance in February. The last payment was 12.5% ​​in November.

Hugo and Pablo Moyano, leaders of the Federation of Truckers Workers. Hugo and Pablo Moyano, leaders of the Federation of Truckers Workers.

Requests for recognition also emerged in the agricultural sector, where the Argentine Union of Rural Workers and Longshoremen (UATRE) formalized the request for a $ 60,000 year-end bonus for pawns rural, as well as in the public sector of the province of Buenos Aires, with the claims of health professionals (CICOP) and state (ATE).

The government’s willingness to reopen some joint ventures and not hinder the negotiation of extra benefits aims to avoid a climate of conflict during the Holidays and in the middle of negotiations with the IMF in Washington. With this objective, a bonus for retirees was also confirmed, another is expected for plan beneficiaries, and a Christmas basket was added to Precious Care.

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