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Trading day in European markets closed in a mixed trend, with key indices losing ground. Dax was down 0.3%, Potsey was down 0.2% and Kak was down 0.1%. In Milan, Zurich and Lisbon there were slight increases.

Deutsche Bank Stood out in Frankfurt with a decrease of 3.3% and a decrease of a similar rate was also recorded forRolls Royce And to the owner of British Airways IAG In London.

In the US there is still a negative trend. NASDAQ is down 0.7%, Dow Jones 0.1% and S & P500 down 0.3%.

Tesla Prominent with a decrease of 3.4%, Etsy Sheds 3%, AMD separates from 2.3% andZoom From 1.8%. On the plus side, Twitter Increases by 3.2%, Pfizer At 3.2%.

IceCure continues to dive and is already losing over 22% of its value after the shares are issued below the market price, productivity is losing for a similar reason about 7.5%. Lemonade andLocust Robotics Weaken by about 5.5% each.

In the commodity market, there was a decrease of about 0.9% in both types of crude oil. WTI trades around $ 71.7 a barrel, Brent for $ 75.1 a barrel. Gold weakened 0.5% to $ 1,788 an ounce.


Wall Street indices continue to trade in declines – and they are strengthening. Nasdaq drops 0.8%, S&P 500 falls 0.4% and Dow Jones falls 0.2%.

Among Israeli stocks, there have been sharp declines in Icecure and productivity, which have raised funds by issuing shares below the market price. Lemonade , Mankind and Foresight are also losing ground. On the other hand, Sol-Gel, Brainsway, Mitc 3D (Which reported this week on success in civilized steak printing) are recording nice increases.

Outside the blue and white bubble, tourism companies are declining, Tesla is losing about 2.8%, Gamestop is down 6.2%, Lucid is being cut by 10%.

The crypto market is experiencing a slight weakness as Bitcoin and the site lose over 4.5% each and trade around $ 48.3 thousand and $ 4,190 respectively. Even in smaller currencies, prices are falling, with the value of the entire market falling by 4% in the last 24 hours, according to the Coin-Market-Cap.


Despite the strong unemployment figures, trading on the Wall Street stock exchanges opened with declines of about 0.3% in the three major indices.

Productivity Network It reportedly increased its planned raising from $ 100 million to $ 156.5 million by issuing an additional 7,280,080 ordinary shares, at a price of $ 21.50 per share. The closing price of the stock yesterday was $ 24.3. The stock has lost height in early trading and is also weakening in full trading.

More declines are being recorded at Game Stop (Which reported a high loss of $ 1.39 per share, while the market expected a much smaller loss of 52 cents per share), Lucid , The fashion site Tourid, as well as the “back to routine” stocks that are losing some height, among them Carnival , Vienna Resorts, Southwest Airlines andNorwegian Cruise Line .

In the European stock markets, a mixed trend continues, with Dax, Potsey and Kak weakening by 0.1% to 0.3%, while in Milan, Lisbon and Brussels there are slight gains.


Macro USA: The number of initial unemployment claims in the previous week was 184,000, significantly lower than the forecasts for 211,000 unemployment benefit claims. This is the lowest figure since 1969.


Slight declines in Europe and in trading on Wall Street indices. In the crypto arena, bitcoin is down nearly 3% to $ 49,300.

Company Nova Announced today the launch of Nova METRION, a revolutionary solution for measuring materials in the chip manufacturing process. The system, which joins the company’s material measurement product line, is designed to control manufacturing processes in processors and three-dimensional memory chips, and enables full measurement and characterization of thin material layers. The system already operates with a number of customers and Nova is expected to recognize revenue from its sale in the fourth quarter of the year.


The Antitrust Authority of Italy has fined the company $ 1.28 billion Amazon , Because the American retail giant used its power and hurt competition in the field of e-commerce logistics.


Mixed trend in Europe and slight declines in trading on Wall Street indices.

The Allergen Group has reached a compromise agreement with New York State authorities, under which the company will pay $ 200 million for aggressive marketing of strong opioid painkillers that has led to an addictive epidemic of the addictive substance. Now she stayed nature As the only company in New York that has not reached a compromise settlement with the authorities on the subject.

Company Productivity Network Announced after the close of trading last night that it is raising forecasts for 2021 thanks to the strong growth in video and smart TV advertising: the company expects to end the year with a 42% increase in revenue to $ 460-470 million, and double the adjusted EBITDA in 2021 To $ 64-65 million. In 2022, adjusted EBITDA is expected to reach $ 80-84 million on revenues of approximately $ 600 million. At the same time, Ferion published a prospectus for the issuance of shares worth approximately $ 100 million.


The day of trading on the European stock exchanges opened with slight increases in the leading stock indices. Trading in US stock market indices is stable.

In the crypto arena, bitcoin is down below $ 50,000 again, while Etherium is down to $ 4,370.


Asian stock markets are trading in a mixed trend today, with the stock markets in China and Hong Kong rising while the Nikkei index in Tokyo is down slightly.

This is after a positive lock last night in New York. The Nasdaq was up 0.6% and the Dow Jones, which traded slightly lower for most of the day, closed up 0.1%. The yield on 10-year US government bonds rose 3 basis points to 1.51%.

In the macro field, it was announced today that the Chinese consumer price index has risen 2.3% in the last 12 months (to November) compared to economists’ expectations of a 2.5% rise. The producer price index jumped by 12.9% compared to the expected increase of 12.4%.

High-tech stocks are rising. Alibaba climbs 1.8%.

Trading in contracts on US stock market indices is slightly declining. In the crude oil market, there is a positive trend with both types of oil rising by 0.7% -0.9%.

In the crypto arena, bitcoin is down below $ 50,000 again, while Etherium is down to $ 4,370.

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