Mineko: We sued KRIK because it does not respect the decision of the Press Council

Mineko Company (Mineco) reminded in a statement today that in March this year, it filed a lawsuit to establish a violation of the right to business reputation, a ban on republishing information, removing text and compensation against the Crime and Corruption Investigation Network KRIK.

Mineko filed a lawsuit, as explained, primarily because KRIK refused to act on the decision of the Press Council, which determined that the research portal violated the Code of Journalists of Serbia.

The international mining group reacted with a statement to the announcement of the KRIK editorial office that it had been overwhelmed by a series of lawsuits in recent months, which, as they pointed out, in most cases were filed by government officials or businessmen close to them.

According to KRIKA, these lawsuits, including one filed by Mineko, represent a great pressure on their editorial office and they believe that they are SLAPP lawsuits, ie that they are an attempt to silence and shut down KRIK.
Mineko claims that his lawsuit “cannot be considered a SLAPP lawsuit by any criteria, as KRIK incorrectly informs the public, because the amount of damages, as stated in the lawsuit itself, will be determined only after the end of the evidentiary procedure based on expert findings and opinions. economic and financial professions “.

According to the statement, “Mineko has no interest in repeating the accusatory accusations of KRIK, and at the same time does not intend to violate any legal rule and try to influence the outcome of the court proceedings before the High Court in Belgrade with its public announcements. KRIK, who is putting pressure on the court with this text “.

“Mineko filed a lawsuit only because KRIK refused to act on the decision of the Press Council. Namely, after the company Mineco answered the questions of KRIKA journalists, a text was published on September 22 last year, in which it was presented through accusations against Mineko. its reputation is grossly damaged, solely by constructing and fabricating ‘connections and evidence’, “the company said in a statement.

It was explained that in accordance with the law, Mineko first denied “fabricated and malicious stories about her business, which KRIK did not publish”, and then filed a complaint with the Press Council, whose Appeals Commission unanimously ruled that KRIK violated the Journalists’ Code. Of Serbia.

“KRIK, however, although a full member of the Council, has rejected the obligation to act on the decision of the Press Council’s Appeals Commission,” Mineko said.

The statement added that Mineko, as an international company that has been investing and working in the Western Balkans for almost 20 years and employs about 1,700 people together with partners, respects all standards of environmental protection and safety at work, and strongly opposes connecting the company with any political option in any country where it operates.

Mineko also stated that at the same time “suffers years of continuous attack and pressure from the same individuals” on the company and further intends to respect all media in every situation, act in accordance with international standards and laws and accordingly defend their interests when it comes to untruth , incomplete, or inaccurate information about its business.

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