The Provincial Secretariat for Urbanism and Environmental Protection announced today that it has made a decision on giving consent to the Environmental Impact Assessment Study for the project of building a mixer for the production of rubber at the factory complex “Linglong” with accompanying infrastructure facilities in the industrial zone in Zrenjanin.

As stated, among other things, in the explanation signed by the acting assistant of the provincial secretariat, Nemanja Erceg, the production plants for the production of tires are not the subject of this request.

The production program of that project envisages “production of raw rubber strips on the basis of general purpose rubber and on the basis of butyl rubber, nine production lines of mixers will be located in the facility, and the construction of a warehouse for hazardous and non.hazardous waste is planned”.

It is also stated that the emitters of pollutants into the air, from both mixer facilities, ie from production and auxiliary processes, will be equipped with pollution reduction systems, and for the needs of the mixer plant operation, natural gas consumption is planned.

Water supply of the facility for sanitary, fire.fighting and technological needs will be provided from the city water supply network, and if the technological needs for water exceed the possibility of supply from the city water supply, a well will be drilled.

The explanation of the secretariat also states that the wastewater from the site will be drained by separate sewage networks for atmospheric water, sanitary.fecal and technological wastewater, for which pre.treatment is planned with the construction of a device for primary wastewater treatment.

It is also pointed out that during the public inspection, the opinion on the Study was submitted by three associations of citizens: Most na suvom, RERI and the Zrenjanin Youth Organization, as well as 98 citizens.

In all submitted opinions, a total of 289 objections to the project and the Study are presented, and the citizens expressed the greatest concern regarding air protection and air quality monitoring (89 objections), the impact of the project on water supply (36), wastewater treatment and surface and groundwater pollution. water (24), impact on population health (22 objections).

Citizens expressed dissatisfaction with the content of the Study and the manner of conducting the procedure, and some interested parties believe that the endangerment of Carska Bara after the construction of the factory is “unquestionable” and doubt the possibility of adequate monitoring of flora and fauna in this protected area.

The Technical Commission for the Evaluation of the Study on Environmental Impact Assessment of the project for the construction of a mixer for the production of rubber, which analyzed and examined the Study, concluded that it corresponds to the content prescribed by the Law.

The Commission also analyzed the opinions of interested bodies and organizations as well as the interested public, submitted during the public inspection and assessed that all responses of the study processor that clarify certain ambiguities must be integrated into the supplemented and amended Impact Assessment Study.

The holder of the project Linglong International Europe doo Zrenjanin is obliged to comply with all protection measures and it is prescribed that, if within two years from the date of receipt of this consent does not start the project, the competent authority may decide to develop a new Impact Assessment on the environment or updating an existing one.

Linglong is building a complex of production facilities for the production of tires on about 97 hectares in the working zone “Southeast II.A” in Zrenjanin, and as it was said during the laying of the foundation stone, the factory will produce 13 million tires a year, employ 1,200 workers and invest 800 million euros.

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