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US trading opened higher: the Dow Jones industrial average was up 0.5%, the S&P 500 was up 0.6% and the Nasdaq was up 0.7%.

Bazafid adds 4.3%, Intel Strengthens by 1.1% andSalesforce Increases by 2.1%.


Negative trend in trading on US stock market indices: Contracts on the S&P 500 are down 0.7% and contracts on the Nasdaq are down 1.7%. Trading in Dow Jones contracts remained unchanged.

European stock markets have moved to a positive trend: Dax and Kak are up 0.2%, and the Potassium index is up 0.1%.

British Telecom is up 1.9%, Daimler Corporation is down 13.6% and Renault is up 1.3%.


The consumer price index rose 0.8 percent during November, leading the index to a 6.8 percent year-over-year increase – the last time U.S. inflation was so high was in the early years of the Reagan administration, in June 1982. Earlier, President Biden said that “The data released tomorrow does not reflect the reality of today, nor does it reflect the expected price drop in the future.”

The U.S. Department of Labor announced that increases in food and energy prices have been the highest in 12 months over the past 13 years at least.


One Bitcoin currency is now worth $ 49,064 – down 0.7% in the last day. Etherium is worth 4,158 to the currency – a decrease of 3.4% within a day.

Futures contracts for oil and gas are climbing: Crude oil contracts are up 1.2%, and crude oil is up 1%. Contracts for natural gas are up 0.8%.

Contracts for wheat in the US add 1%, and contracts for corn fall by 0.2%. Contracts for processed wood rise by 4.6%.


A steady trend in Europe: declines have moderated, with the Potsy falling by only 0.05%, and the Kak and Dax by 0.18%. Meanwhile, Wall Street futures are green, indicating a 0.3% rise in the Nasdaq and S&P 500 and a 0.2% rise in the Dow Jones.


European stock markets opened lower: the Kak is down 0.5%, the DAX is down 0.45%, and the Potsy is down 0.26%.


Japan and China stock exchanges closed lower: the Nikkei was down 1%, and the Shanghai and Shenzhen indices were down 0.18% and 0.24%, respectively. Hong Kong stock exchanges continue to trade down 1.18%.


Asian markets are red: the Nikkei and Hong Kong index down 0.68%, Shanghai and Shenzhen 0.22%. This morning’s markets are alert for inflation data coming from the US: today the UK GDP data, as well as the US Consumer Price Index, will be released.

The crypto market continues its decline from last week, and bitcoin is down about 3% to $ 48,000. Atherium drops to about $ 4,000.

The trading day on Wall Street ended last night with a mixed trend, with the Nasdaq and S&P 500 falling 1.7% and 0.6% respectively, while the Dow Jones strengthened at a very slight rate. A 10-year American fell 2 basis points to 1.49%. The Torid fashion chain crashed 28% after weak reports. The trading day in the European markets also closed with a mixed trend, with the main indices losing ground.

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