False and fake customer reviews about businesses are a big problem in e-commerce. Therefore, the UK Competition and Markets Authority, the CMA, announced today (Friday) that it has launched an official investigation against Amazon and Google after allegations were made that they did not act adequately against counterfeit reviews.

The authority began the initial investigation as early as May 2020, and will in fact examine whether Amazon and Google are doing enough to detect and remove fake reviews from their arenas. The test will examine, among other things, whether the companies punish fake visitors in order to deter the publication of misleading scores. Among other things, even positive scores for benefits-based products is something that needs to be addressed according to the CMA.

The authority did not decide whether Amazon and Google had in fact violated a consumer protection law in their practices, but said it would take enforcement action if deemed relevant. “We are investigating allegations that Amazon and Google have not acted sufficiently to prevent or remove counterfeit reviews in order to protect honest customers and businesses,” said Dr. Andrea Koscelli, CMA CEO, adding: “It is important that these technology platforms take responsibility And we are ready to act if we find that they are not doing enough. “

The Competition and Markets Authority has in the past required Facebook and eBay to remove groups and accounts that have been primarily involved in publishing fake reviews of the various products. In April, the authority announced that Facebook had removed thousands of groups involved.

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