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Red on Wall Street: Monday in a row on Wall Street opens with declines, with the Dow Jones absorbing slight declines of 0.26%, the S&P 500 falling 0.68% while the Nasdaq falling 1.2%. Tesla shares fall 3.5% , While the results of Pfizer’s research caused its stock to rise 1%.


A mixed trend in Europe and a tendency for declines in trading on contracts on Wall Street indices. This is in preparation for the Fed’s announcement tomorrow and the ECB on Thursday regarding monetary policy.

Ofer Klein, head of the Economics and Research Division at Harel Insurance and Finance, notes that the US Federal Reserve is expected to update its interest rate forecast to 2 interest rate hikes next year (Wednesday). At the same time, with a high probability the bank will announce that it plans to accelerate the reduction of the acquisition plan, the big question is whether and how it will address the uncertainty arising from the omicron variant. “

“The rest of the world’s major central banks will also issue interest rate decisions this week (before heading out for the long Christmas break). The first of 2022. An hour earlier the Bank of England will leave our interest rate unchanged, despite high inflation and signals of interest rate hikes already in the previous announcement. “We expect the Bank to announce that the emergency acquisition plan will end as planned in the first quarter of 2022.”


Trading in Europe continues to be on a largely positive trend, although the German DAX index has erased the rise it recorded earlier and is now trading steadily with a slight downward trend. Potsy is up 0.3%, Kak is up 0.1%.

On Wall Street, a trend reversal was recorded when futures trading is currently declining slightly, and it seems that NASDAQ will shed about 0.3% if the trend continues. In the pre-trading arena AMC Prominent with a decrease of over 7%, and also Lucid , Game Stop , Ralph Lauren , Tesla andModern Lose some height. In contrast, Beyond with Adds 5.6%.


European stock markets opened the day with price increases, after closing yesterday in red. The Dax index is up 0.4%, Potsey and Kak are up 0.6%.

British Telecom stands out in London with a decline of 4.2%, while banks and investment houses are pushing the index up. In Amsterdam Arcelor Meital Strengthens by 4%.

In Asia, indices closed lower. The Nikkei was down 0.7%, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Kospi lost 0.5% each and the Hang Seng was down 1.5%. Shiomi lost 3.6% in Hong Kong, and Petrochina, Alibaba, Gili and China Overseas also lost ground.

Oil trading has moved to a positive trend, with Brent adding close to 0.5% and trading around $ 74.7 a barrel.


The screens in Asia are red. The Nikkei is down 0.7%, Hong Kong’s Hong Kong is down 1.4%, Shanghai is down 0.5% and Shenzhen is down 0.3%. Also in Taiwan, South Korea and India the trend is negative.

The salient declines are mainly concentrated by car and technology companies, although Toyota stands out against the trend with a 2.4% increase in Tokyo and Honda is also strengthening. In contrast, Mitsubishi Motors loses over 2%, Nissan drops by 2.5%, Mazda and Subaru by about 0.8%. In Hong Kong, electric vehicle maker Gili is losing 3.1%, and Shiomi, Alibaba, Petruchina and Tencent are also losing ground.

Virtual currencies are also joining the negative momentum in the markets. Bitcoin is trading around $ 46.7 thousand, a slight increase compared to last night but a level 4% lower than 24 hours ago and 8% compared to a week ago. Heather loses over 6% and trades around $ 3,730.

Crude oil prices fell by about 0.9% yesterday and this morning too they are trading down 0.2%, WTI oil is trading around $ 70.8 a barrel, Brent for $ 74.2.

In contrast to what is happening in Asia, Wall Street futures are trading at a slight increase of about 0.1%, after a negative close last night pending the Fed’s interest rate decision tomorrow. NASDAQ dropped 1.4% and Dow Jones and S&P 500 fell 0.9%. Yields on government bonds fell sharply, and the yield on the 10-year bond also stands this morning at 1.42%.

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