Due to a typo: $ 300,000 “bored ape” NFT sold for $ 3,000

The seller intended to type the amount 75 ether, he accidentally came out 0.75. Automatic Account has purchased the prestigious NFT, one of 10,000 works from the “Bored Ape Yacht Club” series, directed by the market price. Bad luck dear

A sought-after crypto property was accidentally sold for only $ 3,000 – one hundredth of its market price, which stands at no less than $ 300,000. This is an NFT that is part of the “Bored Ape Yacht Club” project consisting of a collection of 10,000 unique NFT.

It turns out that the owner of Bored Ape No. 3,547 made a somewhat tragic typo when he offered the digital art item for sale online, as reported this morning on the BBC website. As a result, the NFT was immediately hijacked by an automated account and immediately offered for sale again, this time for $ 250,000.

The seller called Maxnaut later said he intended to offer the item 75 Ethereum – the crypto currency used in many NFT transactions – but that a “momentary distraction” caused him to type 0.75 Ether instead. He says he makes many online transactions every day. “I noticed an error as soon as my fingers pressed the mouse, but it was snatched right away before I could click ‘Cancel.’ And so they suddenly lost $ 250,000.”

In traditional banking transactions such errors are usually easily resolved and the money is returned to the owner, however in the unsupervised crypto market there is usually no way to reverse or cancel such transactions.

The project The Bored Apes was launched last April and the buyers of the works include celebrities such as basketball player Step Kerry and presenter of the entertainment program Jamie Fallon. Many buyers even use monkeys as their profile picture on Twitter and the purchase gives them invitations to exclusive events.

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