Now De Mendiguren, a Massa official, says that “inflation does not drop in two days”

The increase in prices “had resistance to the fall,” the Secretary of Industry and Productive Development stated.

José Ignacio de Mendiguren, the nation’s secretary of industry and productive development, asserted that “inflation does not decline in two days” and stated that the Ministry of Economy, under the direction of Sergio Massa, is “making a big effort” to manage the rise in prices.

A few days after it was revealed that inflation in February had reached 6.6%, De Mendiguren said, “The fact is that we are making a huge effort to manage it. We know that Stuff is not downloaded in two days, it is difficult.

In this context, the former leader of the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA) acknowledged Argentina’s “structural” inflation, but added that while this does not absolve the government of responsibility, the developed world is currently experiencing one of the highest inflationary crises since World War II.

“In our situation, it is made worse by how we got involved in the global crisis. ye.commastmastmastmastmastmastmastmastmastmastmastmastmas, and. This greatly increases the difficulty, “He defended.

In addition, the national official supported the steps implemented by the Government during the coronavirus pandemic: “During the crisis, what was done, I think it was the appropriate thing, was to aid the entire productive machinery so that production does not decline and the enterprises”.

“In 2020, we succeeded in doing this. As a result, despite all these significant issues, the economy grew and registered employment rates were high. But, inflation implies that people who are employed do not have enough money, which is our dilemma “the Secretary of Industry and Productive Development admitted.

De Mendiguren stated something along these lines: “What the minister has done is double his efforts so that this path is downward and not as many predicted that this results in hyperinflation.” Despite acknowledging that “inflation has downward resistance,” De Mendiguren emphasized the position of the head of the Palacio de Hacienda in the face of the conflict.

The official reiterated to LA990, “We are going to keep working, we know it is hard, but the struggle is there not to loosen up.

Lastly, he assured that “the actual solution to inflation is macro stability and that requires economic growth, which now is through exports because the Argentina’s perpetual dilemma is the lack of dollars”.

“We are doing everything we can to support exporting SMEs, such as by announcing non-reimbursable contributions. These efforts have had positive effects; in 2022, the sector exported 12,000 million dollars. We are now reiterating this strategy. Attacking the structural issue, the money shortage “, he said, adding.

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