Parović: Basta was the head of a dairy that smuggled cheese from Ukraine to Russia
The President of the National Freedom Movement, Miroslav Parović, today demanded the dismissal of the Minister of Economy of Serbia, Radet Basta, because in 2018 he was the head of “Sremska Mlekara”, which smuggled around four million kilograms of cheese into Russia.

According to him, that dairy from Sremska Mitrovica was created by the re-registration of the company “Union Lek”, which dealt in drug trade.

“On February 3, 2016, ‘Union Lek’ changes its name and is registered as ‘Sremska Mlekara’ and changes its activity code to production and trade of milk and milk products. In a document of the Agency for Business Registers in September 2017, as the responsible person for Rade Basta, the current Minister of Economy, entered the ‘Srem Dairy’,” Parović said at a press conference in front of the Ministry of Economy in Belgrade.

As he stated, in 2018 foreign capital also entered the dairy, i.e. a company from Cyprus which is in the offshore zone, and a year later “Sremska Mlekara” bought the Tobacco Industry from Bujanovac.

“After that, they started a big business: ‘Sremska Mlekara’ exports cheese to Russia. In November 2018, an official letter from the Phytosanitary Inspection of Russia to our inspection authorities arrived that it was unequivocally established that ‘Sremska Mlekara’ repackaged products from Ukraine, i.e. cheese and that she exported them to Russia under a false declaration as a product from Serbia,” Parović said.

He reminded that there is a trade agreement between Serbia and Russia and that there is no customs duty for Serbian products when they are exported to that country, but that it is necessary to prove that the product being exported originates from Serbia.

“On the declaration, it was written that it was a Serbian product, and those four million kilograms of cheese went to Russia as a Serbian dairy product. However, the Russians determined that it was repackaged cheese that had previously been imported from Ukraine, which is prohibited there, because sanctions were already in force at that moment. Thus, during the period when Basta was the director, ‘Sremska Mlekara’ committed a criminal act of illegal export and repackaging of goods,” said Parović.

He added that the cheese was actually of vegetable origin, even though it was declared as dairy.

According to him, the Serbian institutions responded to the letter to the Russian institutions that this company was not registered in Serbia, but that it had a temporary license that was revoked, that it never had a license to export goods to Russia, and that it had committed the crime of false declaration. and that it was carried out abroad.

“It is likely that the repacking was done in Cyprus. There was nothing from the promise of punishment, and on September 27, 2018, when the investigation began, Basta renounced his share in ‘Sremska Mlekara’ and transferred the duties to a certain Mrs. Svetlana Marković,” he said. is he.

Basta then got the position of director of “Belgrade power plants” and, according to Parović, called for the introduction of nuclear technology in Serbia.

“He became an active lobbyist for something that is prohibited by law in Serbia, since we have a moratorium on the construction of nuclear power plants. After the position of director of power plants, he was awarded the position of Minister of Economy. We demand Radet Basta’s dismissal and that he be prosecuted urgently,” said Parović.

He reminded that now Basta is raising the issue of sanctions against Russia and added that he is “probably angry because his business of at least 20 million euros with cheeses failed.”

“So, Vučić instructed him that he had to raise the issue of introducing sanctions against Russia in order to examine what the response of both the Serbian and Russian public would be and that he could, depending on that response, raise the issue in his own way.” Parovic said.

The president of the Love Vera Nada Movement, Nemanja Šarović, said that he demands that the prosecutor’s office start functioning, but that he is aware that Basta will not be replaced.

He invited citizens to protest against the European plan for Kosovo, on Sunday, March 19, to show “that Vučić will not sign, but will implement”.

“We want to tell him that the Serbian people are not putting up with that, to tell him that not all Serbs are sheep, that we are not all spineless, and that he has not yet turned the whole of Serbia into the kind of mess he turned his Serbian Progressive Party into, so now he is inventing some new movement to deceive this tortured people,” said Šarović.

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