Car registrations are expected to drop for the third consecutive year

In 2021, car registrations in Italy will reach 1,460,000 with a decrease of 23.8% on 2019 and a very modest growth on the extremely depressed result of 2020 (5.7%).

This was stated by Gian Primo Quagliano, President of the Centro Studi Promotor at the 29th annual conference of the Centro Studi Promotor, which was held this morning in Bologna.

And for 2022 it foresees “a volume of registrations of the order of 1,500,000 units, that is, for the third consecutive year an absolutely depressed level of registrations and totally inadequate to meet the normal demand for the replacement of the fleet, which is already among the oldest in Europe with all that this entails in terms of pollution and road safety “.

The causes of the low volume of car sales predicted by the SPC for 2022 are in part the same that had a heavy impact on the result of 2021, namely the pandemic, the weakness of the economic framework (even if it is recovering), the insufficient support for demand for state incentives and the microchip crisis.

“For 2022 – underlines – Gian Primo Quagliano, president of the CSP – there are currently no state incentives, but the modest support for demand that came from state incentives in 2021 in 2022 should be replaced by an improvement in the economic framework. However, the situation of the Italian car market remains critical, in the three-year period 2020-2022 4,341,646 cars will be registered. To avoid further aging of the fleet it would be necessary to register 6 million “.

The increase in the quotas of electric cars “is a very important fact which indicates that the transition to electric has begun. Of course, we must not be too illusions. The transition will be slow, but it has now started. however, a decisive commitment from governments and operators in the sector is needed. An organic plan for the transition to electricity already exists in other European countries. It is not clear why it should not exist in Italy “, adds Quagliano.

The president of the Centro Studi Promotor according to which “there are at least eight issues to be addressed: the purchase cost of the electric car, the operating cost, the charging infrastructures, correct information for possible usersi, the adaptation of building and urban planning regulations, the financing of the plan, the measures to offset the negative impact on employment and the production of electricity from renewable sources “.

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