Caverion’s board of directors decided on a directed share issue for the management of share bonus programs

Property management company Caverion’s the board has decided on a directed free share issue for the purpose of paying the share bonus according to the company’s performance-based share bonus program and the company’s conditional share bonus program.

The board of directors has decided to transfer 408,964 shares held by the company to 92 key personnel belonging to the share bonus programs in accordance with the terms of the programs in a directed free share issue.

324,582 shares will be transferred in connection with the performance-based share bonus program 2020-2022 and 84,382 shares will be transferred in connection with the conditional share bonus program 2020-2022.

No new shares are issued in connection with the programs and the program therefore has no dilutive effect on share holdings.

Before the directed share issue, Caverion held a total of 2,447,447 shares. After the offering, 2,038,483 shares remain in possession.

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