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A volatile trading day on Wall Street, which began with slight declines, closed with sharp rises. Leading stock indices recorded gains of up to 2.2% in high-tech stocks. This, after the Fed’s announcement.

Significant increases were recorded Amazon , Dark , Zim, Palo Alto , Pfizer, Monday and Sentinel One which jumped 7.6%.


Leading stock indices on U.S. stock markets rose slightly after the Federal Reserve announced.

Prominent increases are recorded Zim , Sentinel One, Monday And Pfizer.

The Federal Reserve announced today (Wednesday) an acceleration in the pace of shrinking its bond purchases. US interest rates, meanwhile, remain unchanged, at zero. In the wake of the Corona crisis, the Fed, led by Jerome Powell, has pursued a policy of expanding liquidity in the US financial system through bond purchases totaling about $ 120 billion a month. a month.

The Fed is now announcing that it will reduce bond purchases at a rate of $ 30 billion a month, so that the purchases will be completed already during the first quarter of 2022. In addition, Fed heads now expect 3 interest rate hikes in 2022, compared to the previous expectation of one interest rate hike. only.


European stock markets have closed in a mixed trend. On Wall Street the trend is negative in anticipation of the Fed announcement.

Stock Pfizer Prominent in a sharp rise. Stocks also stand out Eli Lily , Sentinel One And culture.

On the other hand, sharp declines are recorded Tesla , Neo And Lucid.

The yield on 10-year US government bonds stands at about 1.44%. Bitcoin is trading down slightly around $ 46.6 thousand.


A quick reversal of a trend on Wall Street. The major indices moved to slight declines, with the S & P500 shedding 0.2% while the Dow Jones and Nasdaq fell 0.4% and 0.3% respectively.

Among the Israeli shares, there are significant declinesRe Automotive , Invis Technologies , US Fuel , Mitc 3D andRisked .


Trading day on the New York Stock Exchange opened steadily and with very slight fluctuations, while investors waited for the dramatic decision of the Federal Reserve tonight. The S & P500 is up 0.1%, the Nasdaq and Dow Jones are trading steadily with a slight downward trend.

Pharmaceutical maker Eli Lily Strengthens after raising its profit and revenue forecast for 2022, noting that it is towards meeting its target of providing 20 new treatments over a 10-year period ending in 2023.

Domino’s Pizza Loses height after Barclays downgraded the stock from the “Equal Weight” recommendation to the “Missing Yield”. Cruise and tourism companies are also losing ground today, among them Carnival andNorwegian Cruise Line . Further notable declines are recorded for the Chinese stock debt, and in particular Pindudo , Baidu and-JD .

In Europe, a mixed trend continues, with Dax and Kak strengthening but British Potsy weakening by 0.3%. In the oil market the trend is negative, and both types of crude oil are losing about 0.6%. Gold also retreated slightly. On the other hand, natural gas is strengthened by 3.5%.

Raising target price per share Elbit Systems , After announcing this morning that it had signed a $ 350 million contract to supply land systems to a country in Asia. David Levinson, senior analyst at Bank Hapoalim’s research unit, explained that “we estimate that Elbit’s target markets are expanding in view of the maturation of IMI mergers into its ranks and a favorable geopolitical situation for transactions. 27) And also relatively low compared to the level of the multipliers of the Aerospace & Defense Index. Per share, about 16% above the share price at the start of trading this morning. “


Trading on European stock exchanges is now conducted in a mixed trend. The Dax index is up 0.4%, Kak is up 0.6% and Potsey is down 0.2%.

Adidas Climbs 1.4%, Vodafone Loses 2.3% andZelando Loses 2.7%.


Elbit Systems Won a $ 350 million contract to provide terrestrial security systems for an international client. Elbit does not report what product is being sold and to which customer, most likely a country in Asia. The contract will be executed over a period of three years.

Meanwhile, in Europe, a mixed trend continues with an increase of 0.3% for Dax and 0.6% for CAC, while Potsey loses 0.4% due to significant declines for Glencore, BP, Vodafone And the IAG Aviation Group. Rentokil Initial Dives 6% after last night announcing it was acquiring its American competitor, pesticide company Terminix Global for $ 6.7 billion in cash and shares.

The contracts on the Wall Street indices are trading relatively stable, except for the contract on the NASDAQ, which is down 0.2%. Zim Loses 4% pre-Hippo and Monide gain strength.


The trading day on the European stock exchanges opened with a mixed trend, with the Dax and Kak indices strengthening but the Potsy weakening by about 0.1%. The pan-European Eurostox 50 is up 0.6%.

In Asia, the indices closed down mainly. The Nikkei index rose very slightly, Shanghai lost 0.4%, Shenzhen shed 0.7% and Heng Seng erased 1%. In Tokyo she stood out Toyota Which jumped 3.5% at the top of the Nikkei index, while Q.Kawasaki Dropped more than 7%. In Hong Kong Shiomi lost 2.3%, WuXi Biologics Crashed 20% after it was reported that the US Department of Commerce was planning to impose sanctions on the export of American technology to more than 20 Chinese companies, including in the field of biotechnology, although the names of the companies were not disclosed.

Futures are trading in a positive trend, with 0.2% gains for the Nasdaq and S & P500 and 0.1% for the Dow Jones. $ 73.2 per barrel.


Asian stock markets are trading today in a mixed trend. The Nikkei is trading steadily and Hong Kong’s Hang Seng is down 0.1%. Contracts on the Wall Street indices are trading steadily and contracts on oil are down 1.1% -1.3%.

This is after trading in New York closed last night in price declines after moderating the negative trend in the last hour of trading. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 0.3%, the S&P 500 was down 0.7% and the Nasdaq was down 1.1% after falling more than 2% during trading.

Investors and traders in Israel and around the world are eagerly awaiting the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy announcement, which will be published tonight (21:00). It is estimated that the Fed will announce the acceleration of the plan to reduce bond purchases and possibly also an expected date for the start of US interest rate hikes during 2022.

The major virtual currencies are trading in a positive trend. Bitcoin is trading at a slight increase around $ 48.2 thousand. Heather also climbs and trades for $ 3,850.

Deutsche Bank economists note ahead of the Fed’s announcement tonight that “the official inflation figure of 6.8% in November compared to the same period last year published last Friday, failed to cause a tremor in the markets. The Fed chairman noted that the concept of” transient “but A prevailing perception in the market (perhaps wrong) that the inflation figure could not be much higher hence.However, high inflation figures along with encouraging unemployment figures from the labor market and low weekly unemployment claims last week, will further argue that the rate of decline in purchases should be accelerated. “The Fed meeting, which will begin on Tuesday and end on Wednesday, will end the reduction in purchases by March, thus leaving the possibility of raising interest rates one (or 2) during 2022.”

Bottom line, they note, “the camp that supports accelerating the rate of reduction in purchases is gaining support as progress is made in achieving Fed targets at the labor market level.”

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