Berlin. Britain is preparing for a significant jump in coronary heart disease following a widespread outbreak of the Omicron variant in the United Kingdom. In the past day, there have been about 88,376 new cases of corona in the UK, the highest number since the outbreak. Also on Tuesday, the record for cases was broken and stood at about 76,000 a day. The UK’s head of public health services, Dr Jenny Harris, has described the new variant as ‘the biggest health system challenge’ in the country since the start of the Corona plague and the government’s scientific adviser has called on residents to avoid unnecessary meetings.

Formally, Britain is not yet imposing severe restrictions on public life and is not considering imposing another closure like the one imposed in the first waves of the Corona plague. The opening of the general economy in mid-July has been replaced in recent weeks by only minor restrictions, such as the obligation to wear masks on public transport and in closed places, and the use of a “green sign” at club entrances, closed spaces and sporting events. The government, led by Boris Johnson, is trying to promote a significant booster campaign and vaccinate as many third-party residents as possible in the coming weeks. To date, some 25 million Britons have received the third dose.

However, many businesses in the country fear the economic consequences of a significant omicron eruption in the coming weeks. This, also in terms of many employees who will be at home due to illness, due to isolation regulations as a result of exposure to a corona patient and also due to the public fear of going out into the public space. The media reported a series of cancellations of vacations and parties in the hospitality industry in the country. Entertainment complexes in the capital London are abandoned these days, according to media reports, with many residents fearing the new variant and staying at home.

An increase in the number of hospitalizations is an “almost certain possibility”

Johnson tried to broadcast a positive single at a press conference held yesterday, saying “We do not cancel events, we do not close the hospitality industry, we do not cancel parties or prevent meetings.” However, the scientific adviser to the government, Dr. Chris Witty, estimated in a conversation with the media that an increase in the number of hospitalizations is an “almost certain possibility”. With him. “

During a debate in the British Parliament, Dr Harris said that a “meteoric” increase in the number of cases is expected in the coming days, and that it is too early to sound sedative about the severity of the disease caused by the new variant. In the coming months he will break the hospital’s hospital record so far. They estimated that the UK could face more than 4,000 new hospitalizations daily. Which he causes.

The UK healthcare system is preparing for the expected wave, and hospitals have been instructed to prevent unnecessary surgeries, as well as to release as many patients as not urgently in need of hospitalization. Johnson warned yesterday that in some areas of the UK the number of cases would double within two days, evidence of the high level of infection of the new variant.

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